Thursday, December 9, 2010

Reverb 10: Party

December 9 Party

What social gathering rocked your socks off in 2010? Describe the people, music, food, drink, clothes, shenanigans.

I'm not usually the rock-your-socks-off party type...

The parties I go to consist of work parties and family/holiday parties.

I suppose if I had to pick one that "rocked my socks off", I'd choose...

And that's where I left off yesterday before I went to Scott's company Christmas party (I know, I'm behind again...). Being there made me realize: I don't actually like parties (mostly). I had planned on coming home with a new party perspective and writing something about how nice it is to see family and friends for the holidays, but I was being a total Grinch last night, I suppose.

Parts of last night's party were fun. After we had gotten food and settled down at a table with another couple and we had a nice, laughing, joking, light but refreshing conversation, and it was awesome. I do love that part: sitting down with people and catching up and making small talk (but meaningful small talk) (if that makes any sense).

I don't like being in loud places, or crowded places. I am not hard-of-hearing, according to the many audiologists that have tested me over the years, but something in my brain isn't able to ignore background noise and focus on something being said to me unless I'm looking at the person talking, they're speaking in my direction, loudly enough, and with very very good enunciation. That's why I detest mumblers. If someone says something to me, and I have to ask "What?" more than once, I get frustrated, so I usually ignore them. Most of the time when I'm at a party and someone tries to talk to me I can't understand a word they're saying, so last night I ended up just sitting on a couch with my hands in my pockets, just waiting for it to be over. Sad, I know.

I also don't do well in social situations with new people. I am, by nature, shy, though you'd never know it because I try very hard to act like I'm naturally outgoing. So I have a really hard time relating to new people, finding something we have in common, and not making an absolute fool out of myself. I try hard enough with people I already know as it is, so this is just stressful for me. It's exhausting, actually.

I love much smaller parties, maybe too small to even be considered "parties". It's just so much better for me to be able to talk with people one on one and really focus on what they are saying. It's more intimate. I can learn more about the people around me this way. I make friends more easily this way (and the friendships are more lasting). Maybe this makes me a total dork, but if it means having closer relationships (and feeling less awkward) then I don't care.

The nice thing about the party last night? I met Scott's coworker's wife, who is a chemist at another nutraceutical company.We had a nice, nerdy conversation. It was fabulous! Usually I have to really simplify when I describe what I do because people don't know what I'm talking about but she knew! I love smart chemist chicks!

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