Thursday, April 23, 2009

Junk Food = Love, Knit Lace = HATE

So you know whenever I talk about my instrument at work it means it's broken...ha.
Not bad broken, just giving me error messages and taking SIXTY tries to get it to start up...yeah that's all. Richard is coming over in the morning. We'll have a grand old time fixing it.

I have been uber-tired lately. It's the hormone. It makes me feel very energetic during the day but as soon as I have a chance to sit down after work I get sleepy and take a nap...oh naps, how I love thee...

I started a pair of socks. I was using pale pink yarn. I started with this:

I got this far: I don't remember at this point what was wrong, but I did something fatal and had to frog, so then it was this: Then I decided to start the red socks. The reason I wanted to do pink first was because I have never knitted lace yet and I wanted to do a test run with yarn for my own socks so it would be perfect. Well, apparently I can't knit lace, and don't have the patience to try harder, so these socks turned into straight stockingette. I got almost done when I had a brain wave and decided to try them on-Mim and I have the same size feet. Guess what? TOO SMALL. Yep.So I started over again...sigh. I am in the middle of the foot now. I want to start another project just to get away from the freaking socks. But they're so fun to knit, I don't want to knit anything else. It's confusing.

So when Mim was in Vegas she ate junk for four days and gained some weight, but lost it all within two days. So on Sunday I decided that I have enough hormone to take a few extra days, so I ate normally on Sunday, figuring I would gain a bit and then lose it the next day. Yeah, I ate a pint of Hagen Daas and gained nothing at all. But, two days on the diet again and I was gaining. Delayed weight gain...probably has a lot to do with hormones and water retention, because I still fit into my skinny jeans (I'm so excited that I'm going to have to go buy new SMALL jeans when I'm done here!). Then, I forgot to take my meds for like four days in a row (I feel dumb, I never forget!) and I was feeling tired and achy and awful so I ate normally again on Wednesday and gained a pound. I took my meds as soon as I got home yesterday and made sure I remembered to take them this morning so I should return to normal soon and weight loss should resume. Then I think I will not cheat until May 2, when I'm going down to Mim's and we're going to get our hair done and make a day out of it.

TGIF tomorrow. Halle-freaking-luiah.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I have a Useless Gun and a Sticky Puppy

So it has been a while since I blogged. Not a whole lot happens around here, except when it does, and I forget. :)

So I recently had a few friends get babied. Well, not yet. In May. So for Kirk and Angie, I made this baby blanket:
And for Andrea and Roland I made this one:
And also these onesies, because no chemist has a baby on my watch without getting something geeky!
So, I ordered my gun in January, and FINALLY it came in this week. It's perfect!The only problem: there is no ammo anywhere ever. Scott went to the gun show this weekend and was there almost two hours before the doors even opened and by the time he got in there were already like 2000 people there and all the ammo was gone already. He was in an awful mood for the rest of the day. I was already in a bad mood because Buster had stepped in one of those sticky mouse/spider traps (that was behind and under some big stuff, no idea how he managed to get there) and I had to spend an hour soaking his foot and clipping all the hair off his toes and it still didn't get it all so he looks retarded...anyway I wrapped his foot up in plastic wrap and walked him to Petco to see if they had any special soap or something they could soak it in to get the glue off and they didn't have anything. So, we bought treats to make him feel better and walked back home, where Scott wrangled him so I could soak his foot in acetone to see if that would help. It helped a little, and unstuck more of the hair on his toes so I could clip it, but he was still sort of sticky. Sad puppy!

So we finally bought a new dresser! We had one that was an antique and not a nice antique...a dead one. It was totally falling apart. So we got on KSL and found this one:
It has also a matching night stand, and the set was $350. They were in perfect condition! Now here's the sad thing: on the way home, they took a corner too fast and the dresser fell out of the back of the truck! It got damaged in a few places, and Scott fixed it up good as new except in one place where he's still working on it. We just had to get some wood putty and stain and a sanding block and soon it will look good as new. It's huge and very solid and the wood and hardware are beautiful, so I really like it.

Here is a cute picture of Scott and Buster:

Last weekend we watched almost all of our zombie movies, and this weekend we watched the rest and also Saw I and II. Gross. Like, you can't look away sort of gross. I weigh less than 160 as of this morning! So excited! 30 pounds!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Headaches and Stupid Experiments

So I have had the worst headache the last few days. I have no idea why. It starts between my eyes and migrates to my forehead and before I know it it has encased my entire head and starts moving down my neck and back. I don't think it's a migraine, because I don't feel nauseated and I'm only a little bit sensitive to light and sound, so basically I'm in the dark as to what in the world is wrong with me. So, needless to say, prescription pain meds have been my friend. I got a scrip from my doc for Imitrex, too, but it makes me feel WEIRD. It's hard to's like the pain that's mostly in my head is diluted and spread throughout my whole body while making me feel heavy, like I can't lift my arms. Add in some wooziness and confusion, and there you have it. So I try to stick to the plain old pain meds.

The last few days have been totally annoying at work. There were some extra tests I had to run, which sounded easy when I volunteered to do them, but in practice turned out to be a nightmare. It involved titrations where you can't really determine for sure where the endpoint is, so even though I got results and reported them, I don't feel confident in them at all, and I feel kinda bad even reporting them, but considering the circumstances, I did the best I could. I took some pictures, so I might post them next time and explain the test.

I also had to do another ash today on a product that REEKS when you heat it up. It smelled so bad that after I left to go home I could still smell it on myself so I jumped straight into the shower when I got home.

I finished my pair of socks and I finished my sweater. Two FO's in two days! It's a record. I'm wearing my socks and they are super comfortable, and not terribly ugly for my first complete set of socks. I wore my sweater to dinner at Scott's parents' house yesterday.

I am almost ready to start Mim's red socks. I found a pattern at that I like and seems simple enough that I can figure it out. Today I got some chunky yarn and big needles and tried out the lace pattern so I could practice on big yarn before I try to do it on sock yarn on size 0 dpns. I want to make sure the stitches are all nice and neat. I really want these socks to turn out well.

Scottie made me dinner tonight because he is an angel. He also bought me a whole bunch of CDs off of my Amazon wishlist because he spoils me terribly.

We got Dirty Jobs Collection 4! We've been watching for a couple of days now. I forgot how much of a crush I have on Mike Rowe. And that's saying something, since I don't do the whole celebrity crush thing.

I can't wait until Friday. First of all, because it's Friday (and today was definitely a Monday...), and second of all, because we'll start our next round of hCG injections! I'm so excited to lose more weight. This past six weeks have been interminable! I thought the six weeks during the injection phase were long, but I tell you what, it seems even longer when all of a sudden you're not losing weight! So, by this time next week I will be losing weight and I think just a week in and I will weight about as much as I weighed throughout high school and college, and from there I don't even know what I will look like because I've been overweight since 9th grade. I'm excited. And I'm determined to change my lifestyle and eating habits to maintain this weight loss for the rest of my life.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Second Sock...itis

It's a disease. I made the first sock in two days and I was just chugging along and now I'm on the second and it seems to be going SO SLOW. I want to skip to something else, but I don't really feel like starting something new and I don't feel like weaving in the ends on my sweater so I am stuck making the sock. As long as I get a little done every day I won't mind.

Kirk and Angie got the baby blanket I made them in the mail and they said they like it :)

I was going to go spend the weekend at Mim's, but I think I changed my mind. Jorg has pink eye (stupid parents let their kids go to school with infectious diseases, boo) and Em is out of town for an orchestra thing (she gets to go play in Vegas, no fair!) and Mim doesn't know if she would have to work or not, so our weekend will be indefinitely postponed, since next weekend will be the weekend Scott and I start hCG again so we will need to be in the house every day since the injections aren't exactly portable. So there will be three and a half weeks where we're tied to the house, then maybe I will go spend some time there. I want to hang out with everyone, but if two of them aren't going to be there and one is sick (and since I get sick so easily I'm not risking it) I might as well have another relaxing weekend in the house.

This past weekend we saw Monsters vs. Aliens, and we were so impressed at how cute it was! They're making such good movies that are good for whole families to see, which makes me happy. We also went to Olive Garden, which we haven't for a while, and it was pretty good but I was surprised and a bit appalled at some person that came in in her ratty pajamas (!) and gross, uncombed hair. Now, I understand that sometimes you're tired and/or sick and/or overwhelmed with whatever, and sometimes you're in your grubby clothes and you need to run to the store to get something or other. That's one thing. But it's entirely something else to go to a semi-nice restaurant dressed like you've had the flu for a week. Gross. I felt kinda bad because I couldn't stop staring at her, like I just couldn't believe it.

I am reading Vanity Fair and I like parts of it and parts of it drag on and on and for the first time in my life I am tempted to just not finish it. I'm never like that. It drives me NUTS to not know the ending of a book, but I tell you what, this one is almost unbearable. But, I am also reading The Jungle, and loving every word of it, although the whole thing is just sad and tragic.

My tummy hurts.