Thursday, July 30, 2009

It's All About The Bacon!

While we were in Vegas we went to The World's Largest Gift Shop. It's HUGE. There were so many hilarious things in it, so we took lots of pictures. Today's blog is brought to you by bacon.
Gummy Bacon (actually strawberry flavored, thank goodness):
Bacon Bandages:

So my hand is not hurting today, which is nice because it was AWFUL yesterday. I did everything left-handed at work and I am so awkward with my left hand because I never use it for anything. So, no pain today, but it did get tired easily, and then it was doing this weird thing where it felt like I was getting little electrical shocks in my hand and arm. Weird.

So you know how my instrument at work always breaks? Yeah, I GOT A NEW ONE. Kinda...technically they couldn't just give me a new one under our service contract, so Richard just replaced all the parts inside, leaving us with the original chassis. HA, take THAT Thermo-Fisher. Now, yesterday Richard was planning to come in around 8 and be able to finish it in 3 hours. He didn't show until 11 and when it was 3 he still wasn't done and I was all screw this and went home. Since he was installing all day yesterday I didn't get any of the samples run so today I had to run around like a chicken with my head cut off and get yesterday's AND today's samples done, and of course I had to run another lab's mercurys as well.
The good thing in all of this craziness: extra $300 in the paycheck. I like the moneys.

The dog tried to eat my Oreos. Jerk.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fremont and Pain

So here's another tidbit about Vegas:
The Fremont Street Experience is actually pretty cool, albeit ear-bustingly LOUD. During the day you can walk around and look up and it just looks like some sort of sun shade is over the street, but then periodically throughout the night the whole street turns its lights off and the canopy LIGHTS UP. It's actually made of a kazillion little LEDs. These are a few pictures of the neat shows. The whole theme was "Summer of '69", because it was the 40th anniversary of the moon landing. The entire staff of our hotel was wearing tie-dye, which was pretty fun. Anyway, so the shows on the giant sky-TV were all about that, and there was some good music too. I was actually surprised at the crowd; it was much smaller than I expected, which is AWESOME because I don't always do well in crowds.

On another, unrelated note, I went to the doctor again yesterday. Apparently we need to "prove" that it is actually carpal tunnel, so they had to give me a cortisone injection INTO MY HAND DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW PAINFUL THAT IS, HOLY CRAP. They injected numbing stuff in along with the steroid, so last night I couldn't feel anything, and then It. Wore. Off.

Pain. Oh yes, pain.

And all day today I had to do everything left-handed and it was hard and awkward and I was sad. But the pain is mostly gone, except typing this isn't exactly pleasant.
So I go back in three weeks, and if the cortisone has helped, then we know it is, in fact, carpal tunnel, and then we can proceed for plans to surgify me, yes I make up words. The surgery will have me out of work for a whole week and I have no idea how I am going to handle that. I take one day off and I get so excruciatingly bored, so a whole week? Let me just say, there better be some wicked good pain meds that go along with all this. Maybe if I'm stoned I won't be bored...?

Monday, July 27, 2009


...for the lack of posts. Baby Pink Lappie has been very, very sick. She is mostly better now due to the tremendous efforts of the amazing Mr. Scott. She needed to be reformatted and now she is acting like a computer instead of a broken record. Soon she will be back to normal (some files haven't been transferred back on to Lappie from backup...cough cough 40 gigs of music...).

I have to have surgery on my wrist, or maybe wrists, I will ask the surgeon tomorrow what he thinks. I have carpal tunnel syndrome. Woo hoo, my favorite. So for a while there will be no posting, because I won't be able to type for a little while. I have to take some time off work, and I hope pushing the buttons on the remote control doesn't hurt because THERE WILL BE NOTHING ELSE TO DO AT MY HOUSE. I'm thinking back on the few months I didn't have a job and I can't for the life of me remember what in the world I did all day. I get a day off now and I feel so LAZY. And I'm bored ALL DAY LONG.

Oh yeah, we went to Vegas on vacation for Pioneer Day. I should post about about I post a little bit at a time to minimize wrist-hurting-ness? Excellent idea, Anna.

Scott got a tattoo:
Ok, not really. It was a "henna" tattoo. I say "henna" because is WASN'T real henna. I would know, I do henna tattoos. Anyway. The lady said it would last for like 3 weeks but it was gone the next day...waste of $15. Anyway, we thought it would be funny to freak out Scott's ultra-conservative mother. But, seeing as it faded away, she wasn't fooled.

More to come later. Maybe daily mini-posts until I am done talking about Vegas...?

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Blogging About Blogs

I enjoy reading blogs. I like reading about people I know personally, but there is just something very appealing to me about finding a person that I know nothing about and reading his or her blog. It's interesting to see what internet anonymity does for a person. If you're writing and nobody knows who you are you have much more freedom to express yourself without offending the people you know (or, even if they do get offended, they don't know who wrote what offended them) so in reading these blogs I get a better sense of who a person really is.

Plus I need something to do at work.

Some of the blogs I enjoy reading are:
Daddy Scratches
Yarn Harlot

Once I read an entire blog, all the way from the first entry to the most recent, I look around for a new one to read. Some don't catch my interest at all and are quickly dismissed, but when I find a good one they've got a new regular reader. As someone who is married with no children and almost no responsibilities beyond going to work and feeding the dog, I am incredibly blessed with lots of free time. Usually I like to knit/crochet while I watch TV/movies, but sometimes, especially lately, my hands hurt and it is easier for me to point and click than play with yarn. So, with all my free time, I need things to do. Surfing the internet is ok, but I would rather have a list of sites I go to on a daily basis to check for new content. So, I read some webcomics and I read some blogs. I like blogs.

Reading the blogs I do makes me want to be a better writer (all three of the blogs listed above are written by an author or journalist). They have talent. I can win the grammar contest every time, and write a term paper in my sleep, but when it comes down to putting down my personal thoughts, I could use a little more panache. It isn't that I'm a bad writer, it's just that I feel I could do better. So, sometimes when I have something I would like to blog about, I don't, because I don't know exactly how to put it in words that don't sound completely idiotic.
So, I write about what happens to me on a daily basis. And I worry that this is BORING. But, it's a great way to keep up with friends who also blog.

So, here, from a blog I stumbled across a few minutes ago (Perfectly Cursed Life, I was only there for a few minutes and I'm already very interested) here is a really good meme:

I Can't
See past about a foot without my glasses on
Handle stress without medication
Knit lace
Run without having an asthma attack
Figure out technology without Scott's help
I Can
Accept my limitations, both emotional and physical
Read faster than anyone else I know
Play minesweeper faster than anyone else I know
Leave old ladies in the dust with my wicked yarn skills
I Won't
Intentionally hurt another person, even though I might want to
Let myself go again
Ever have the opportunity to shoot my gun (no bullets anywhere ever)(although I have my permit now so I can carry it concealed)(but it's worthless without the ammo)(sad)
Get a tattoo or another piercing
I Will
Always go above and beyond at work
Tell Scott I love him every single day
Squish spiders on sight
Knit until my hands hurt
I Shouldn't
Worry about things that are never going to happen
Drink soda (or eat candy, for that matter)
Take as many naps during the day (but I still will)
Use sarcasm
I Should
Exercise and eat better
Help out more around the house
Cherish the people I have in my life
Say only positive things about people

Interesting what responses you come up with when you just sit and think about it for a while.
I have a good life.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

My Finger Hurts

So for the fourth we didn't do anything special. I was planning on going down to my Mim's house but she had to work almost nonstop the whole weekend so I would have been bored. So, I stayed home and was bored. Go figure.

We ventured out of the house to get snacks at the corner gas station and we decided to buy a few fireworks while we were at it. We shot them off just a little while ago at the end of our driveway. We had Buster tied up out front with us and he was really confused at all the fuss. I burned my finger. I'm such a sissy.

I finished half of Em's birthday present. I was trying to get more done but the hand cramps are getting worse, so I can only do a little at a time whithout excruciating pain and seizing up completely so I can't move my hand. I really need to go see a doc about it but I'm afraid that there will be surgeryness and I don't want to take the time off work. I'm not a workaholic or anything, but you know I don't like messing up my routine.

Scott got some mosquito bites tonight and they swelled up into GIANT bumps on his arms. I got off with no bites at all. I win.