Monday, December 6, 2010

Beans's Knees

Beans (Em) had knee surgery this past Friday, poor thing. Bad knees run in our family, and this was her fourth surgery. I just thought I would share something cute:

According to the surgeon, Em's final words before succumbing to anesthesia were "I am the queen of the universe..."

After she woke up she texted me:

Em: I'm out of surgery.
Me: You're the queen of the universe!
Em: Damn straight.

And then, the other day:

Me: Scott bought me Dexter for Christmas!
Me: I wish.

And, now since I've now posted three things within like half an hour, I'll leave you all alone and get some beauty sleep.


magnolia said...

hahaha - on some level, it disturbs me how big a crush i have on dexter. but i do, i really, really do. he's just dreamy. i'd have to get past the whole killing-people thing, but i think it'd be pretty easy...

Anna W said...

He's attractive, and very smart, and at least he only kills very bad people...but I don't think I could handle being constantly lied to...