Monday, January 4, 2010

Did and Will Do?

Ok, so everyone and their mom is doing a New Year's post, so I might as well jump on in. Four days late. Oops.

So, here are some highlights of this past year:

And here are some things I hope to accomplish or experience this coming year (these are not resolutions, mind you, just some ideas):
Get the rest of the way down to my ideal weight
Wear makeup to work more often (try to look like a girl for once)
Renovate the kitchen
Continue to build my movie/music/TV show collection (I'm thinking about buying Dexter...)
Put more money in savings
Pay off our car
Get a new cell phone
Spoil my new little (NIECE OR NEPHEW) that's coming out of Kwiddens in June (I know the sex but it's a secret for now) (I already started the baby blanket and it is going to be GORGEOUS and bamboo fiber, oh yes)
Keep knitting and crocheting and everything else I love to do
Build up my hand-knit sock arsenal
Get more sun
Work more on the Mustang (although Scott will be doing this more than I will)

There's more, I'm sure, I'm just having a little brain freeze and can't think of any more.

So Happy New Year to everyone. Hope this one's better than the last!

P.S. I wrote 2009 like ten times today in my lab book and kept having to correct it. Oops.

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Anonymous said...

Dexter is an excellent investment!