Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Some Stuff And Junk And Things

Twice in one day. Now there's a record. Either a flood of posts or a drought.

Buster has this cat-like habit of perching himself on the back of the couch and watching whatever is outside. He does this all the time. But, the other day we were just sitting, watching TV, minding our own business, when we hear a THUNK. Buster lost his balance and took a nose-dive down into the space between the couch and the windows. HILARIOUS. Then, it happened again. HILARIOUSER.
I have wanted this piercing ever since freshman year of high school. I finally got it today:
Mim inspired me: she sent me a picture today of HER NEW BELLY BUTTON PIERCING. Yes, my mom is SO COOL. And that isn't sarcasm, she really is!

Here is the progress I have made so far on my new blue sweater:
It's all scrunched up on the needles so you can't see the lace panels properly but eventually when it's done I'll put it on and take a picture and then you'll see. It's very pretty! I'm excited that I can make something that doesn't look like the product of a 4-year-old playing with string.

When everyone in the house is feeling sick or just blah this is what happens to the coffee table:
We are never that disgusting in our entire lives. Just this past weekend.

We went to Target (I don't like Target, but it's the closer store to our house) and I saw BABY BANANAS and I HAD to take a picture...see how small they are in comparison to Scott's hand? See? CUTE!
I have been a total yarn whore and I keep ordering yarn online without a project in mind, which told myself I would never do because I didn't want to waste money and have a huge stash but THE STASH KEEPS GROWING. Here is some purple lace weight wool and some icicle sock weight alpaca/wool:
So freaking soft. I put it on my face.

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