Sunday, April 19, 2009

I have a Useless Gun and a Sticky Puppy

So it has been a while since I blogged. Not a whole lot happens around here, except when it does, and I forget. :)

So I recently had a few friends get babied. Well, not yet. In May. So for Kirk and Angie, I made this baby blanket:
And for Andrea and Roland I made this one:
And also these onesies, because no chemist has a baby on my watch without getting something geeky!
So, I ordered my gun in January, and FINALLY it came in this week. It's perfect!The only problem: there is no ammo anywhere ever. Scott went to the gun show this weekend and was there almost two hours before the doors even opened and by the time he got in there were already like 2000 people there and all the ammo was gone already. He was in an awful mood for the rest of the day. I was already in a bad mood because Buster had stepped in one of those sticky mouse/spider traps (that was behind and under some big stuff, no idea how he managed to get there) and I had to spend an hour soaking his foot and clipping all the hair off his toes and it still didn't get it all so he looks retarded...anyway I wrapped his foot up in plastic wrap and walked him to Petco to see if they had any special soap or something they could soak it in to get the glue off and they didn't have anything. So, we bought treats to make him feel better and walked back home, where Scott wrangled him so I could soak his foot in acetone to see if that would help. It helped a little, and unstuck more of the hair on his toes so I could clip it, but he was still sort of sticky. Sad puppy!

So we finally bought a new dresser! We had one that was an antique and not a nice antique...a dead one. It was totally falling apart. So we got on KSL and found this one:
It has also a matching night stand, and the set was $350. They were in perfect condition! Now here's the sad thing: on the way home, they took a corner too fast and the dresser fell out of the back of the truck! It got damaged in a few places, and Scott fixed it up good as new except in one place where he's still working on it. We just had to get some wood putty and stain and a sanding block and soon it will look good as new. It's huge and very solid and the wood and hardware are beautiful, so I really like it.

Here is a cute picture of Scott and Buster:

Last weekend we watched almost all of our zombie movies, and this weekend we watched the rest and also Saw I and II. Gross. Like, you can't look away sort of gross. I weigh less than 160 as of this morning! So excited! 30 pounds!


Angie said...

Yay! It's our blanket! I saw the picture and I'm like "that blanket looks awfully familiar..." We keep it in our front room for right now and pretty much show it off to everyone who comes over. All are quite impressed, especially when I tell them that it was made by someone under the age of 80! Thanks again!

Kirk said...

I never thought of how useful an acetone bath could be. Kids are always sticky, so just dunk them and there you go, clean as a whistle...they might have some dry skin, but I like the idea.

Kirk said...

Also, I love the nerd onsies. It reminds me of the "practice safe synthesis, use protecting groups."

Also I forgot to say again, I love the blanket you sent for Nolan.