Thursday, May 28, 2009


So it was supposedly fixed yesterday. WRONG. It was communicating with the computer, but it was giving signals that were ALL over the place. The guy had to talk me through a million things to try over the phone before he decided he would just have to come over. So he came, and guess what? ONE SWITCH had been bumped. He had forgotten about it over the phone so he didn't have me check it.

So NOW it works and I am all caught up.

Because of this whole thing I have enough hours this week I could just not go to work and still get all my hours. But I can't just not go, so I'm going to go in, hurry, and get out and then have a slightly longer weekend. Yay!

Balancing things on Buster is fun. But it only works if he's completely tired out.I am apparently going to write in this thing more often now that I have Baby Lappie. It's just so much easier. And wouldn't you want to write if YOU could write on a pink lappie? I thought so.

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