Monday, August 31, 2009

So Much For The Couch

So I should have taken a picture...oops.
I was working on the sock, halfway through the foot, and decided to try it on. Well, it turns out, I suck at joining colors and when the sock is stretched out on the foot you can totally see huge ugly holes where I was switching to new colors. SUCK. So, the sock is now just yarn (AGAIN).
This whole teaching myself to knit thing is complicated. I don't know anyone else (personally) who knits, so I have nobody to ask for help and advice. So, I need to figure something out, because I really love these three colors together, and Allene picked them for her socks. Internet research to the rescue! Good thing I have extra time at work to surf the net.

So we had the garage sale, and it was really good. We had a steady stream of people from 7 a.m. to about 2:30, then nobody at all, so we closed up early. Sunday we (meaning Scott and Allene, I was still in bed...couldn't get myself out of bed to save my life) set up again with what was left and NOBODY came at all so they gave up around ten and took the rest of the stuff to the thrift store.
While the sale was going on, there was a group of kids that live down the street that were coming and TOUCHING EVERYTHING and they bought a little toy for like 15 cents and they kept coming back and asking to trade for something else. At one point one of the kids asked to trade his toy for a little box of knitting stitch markers, and I asked him if he even knew what they were and he said yes and I asked him if he knew how to knit and he said yes so I let him trade...whatever. Then, about an hour later, he came back and asked what they were and asked if he could trade them back for the original toy he had bought several hours ago. Oh, did I mention the snot? This kid had snot running down his face. It was so disgusting.
BUT we ended up making a couple hundred dollars.

We were planning on selling our couch and buying a new one because there's a tear in the arm (we tried to use one of those vinyl repair kits but the tear was too big) and it's driving Scott crazy. So we were going to use the money from the sale to get a new couch, along with the money we get from selling the old couch.

We were also planning on buying a new treadmill because the old one overheated and in order to use it you had to open up the motor casing and put ice packs on the motor. Annoying.

However, we have to delay both those purchases because 1) we're doing the whole mortgage thing and trying to make sure we're not flat broke when we're done with it and 2) THE CAR BROKE. Stupid car.
There was a whiny, screechy, whistly noise. Turns out we needed a new water pump. Freaking $434! Lame.
So, no new couch. No new treadmill. We will wait until after we have bought the house and built up our savings buffer again. Sad.

I bathed the dog. He shook all over Allene. It was funny.

The bathtub drain isn't working, so no hot baths for a while.

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