Monday, January 18, 2010

Musical Me

So there's a lot of music bouncing around in my head lately. Here's a new bit that I found on Amazon mp3 and couldn't resist downloading:

Meaghan Smith - "Heartbroken"

I'm also on a Lady Gaga kick. I bought her album "The Fame Monster: Deluxe Edition" and I LOVE IT SO BAD. SO BAD. I've had "Teeth" stuck in my head for days. I've listened to this album twice a day for two weeks. It's that catchy.

Also, I know it's totally after the fact, but I downloaded Tori Amos's Christmas album "Midwinter Graces" and it's totally a non-traditional spin on traditional Christmas tunage. Awesome.

But definitely check out Meaghan Smith. It's Norah Jones meets The Ditty Bops, if you can even believe it.

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