Thursday, July 30, 2009

It's All About The Bacon!

While we were in Vegas we went to The World's Largest Gift Shop. It's HUGE. There were so many hilarious things in it, so we took lots of pictures. Today's blog is brought to you by bacon.
Gummy Bacon (actually strawberry flavored, thank goodness):
Bacon Bandages:

So my hand is not hurting today, which is nice because it was AWFUL yesterday. I did everything left-handed at work and I am so awkward with my left hand because I never use it for anything. So, no pain today, but it did get tired easily, and then it was doing this weird thing where it felt like I was getting little electrical shocks in my hand and arm. Weird.

So you know how my instrument at work always breaks? Yeah, I GOT A NEW ONE. Kinda...technically they couldn't just give me a new one under our service contract, so Richard just replaced all the parts inside, leaving us with the original chassis. HA, take THAT Thermo-Fisher. Now, yesterday Richard was planning to come in around 8 and be able to finish it in 3 hours. He didn't show until 11 and when it was 3 he still wasn't done and I was all screw this and went home. Since he was installing all day yesterday I didn't get any of the samples run so today I had to run around like a chicken with my head cut off and get yesterday's AND today's samples done, and of course I had to run another lab's mercurys as well.
The good thing in all of this craziness: extra $300 in the paycheck. I like the moneys.

The dog tried to eat my Oreos. Jerk.

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