Thursday, July 24, 2008

New Job

So, I now have a new job. My company manufactures chelated minerals for use in nutritional supplements. I work in the quality control testing lab as "Analytical Scientist".

So yesterday was my first day. It was a little hectic, seeing as I had to learn how to use two new instruments, one of which didn't work so we spent about an hour trying to get it to work, and of course a whole day of new routines is just a lot. I am training with a guy named Maynard. He's really funny because he walks around trashing people all day. He's totally kidding, which is why it's ok and funny and I don't think he's just some jerk. Anyway, I'm to be his replacement, so I have to learn everything I possibly can in the next few weeks before he skips off to grad school.

Today was a bit better but still crazy because the first day Maynard just showed everything to me and explained what, why, how, etc. Today he made me do all of it, which is fine, except he kept saying "OK what comes next?" and sometimes I got it right and sometimes I just had to smile and say "I don't know what button to push." But I wrote everything down today and I can review it tonight and make a list so I know exactly what all I need to do tomorrow. He isn't going to be there tomorrow, so I will be on my own. My supervisor will be there in case I have questions, but mostly I'm alone. I think I'll do ok, unless something superbad happens.

I like it there so far. The only thing is, I'm not used to standing all day since my last few jobs have been quite sedentary, so my feet are killing me. After yesterday I thought that if I wore my shoes with the squishy inserts they would hurt less, but apparently I was quite wrong. I'll probably get used to it.

I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday. I worked all last weekend since I had the paperwork mountain, so it'll be nice to have a weekend. Speaking of paperwork, Andrew called me AGAIN and said, well, we found more papers, so you should do them for us. And I had the satisfaction of saying, NOPE! I got a new job! I win!

I've been toying with the idea of going on Atkins again. I would have to be super careful about it though, I don't know if my stomach could handle it. Maybe if I did it with more broccoli. I just really want to lose about 50 pounds.

Anyway. I'm off.

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