Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It Covers His Eyes

So I started over on the sock. I got about ten rows in and went, yeah, screw it.

And I went back to working on the scarf I started in Vegas (I had to have something to work on in the car, that was a LONG drive!). However, I only bought one skein of the yarn and I ran out and decided it was too short and so I frogged it and started over, making it skinnier.

I've decided that I'm more of a process knitter/crocheter than a product knitter/crocheter. I love making things, don't get me wrong, and I always make sure they are nice and have some use, but most of the time I end up giving things away because I just like to constantly have something to do with my hands. So while it's momentarily frustrating to frog something, it just means I have more work ahead of me, and that actually makes me happy. After I get done being mad at myself for being stupid and doing it wrong in the first place. Yep.

So work today wasn't too bad. I actually got done really early, but I left really early yesterday so I couldn't really leave super early today, so I worked on a long-term project I have going. I organized two whole months' worth of samples and then I still had time so I surfed the internet, looking for patterns to crochet in bedspread weight cotton. I miss working with it. I like the tiny stitches and the beautiful lacy patterns I can make. Anyway, I didn't find anything really good, so I just went home early anyway. Maybe I will stay later tomorrow to make up for it. This really isn't good...by Friday I will have to stay an extra four hours to make up for it...oops.

Buster's hair is getting long and he can barely see. If it were me I would be terribly annoyed, and maybe he is, who knows, but it's so cute I refuse to get him a haircut. Come on, can you even resist this?

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Anonymous said...

Your dog is so damn cute! I just want to steal him.