Thursday, September 3, 2009

All of my Projects!

I apologize in advance...this post will be super long and has LOTS of pictures.

I thought it would be fun to go through all my crafting stuff everywhere in my house and see what unfinished projects I have lying around.

Here we go!

So several years ago I bought a book (the first of about 20) with patterns to crochet lace snowflakes. I thought I would make lots of them and give them to Mim as Christmas ornaments. I had such a blast making them (and she loved them, by the way) that I decided to make some for me! When I moved into my first apartment in college someone had left a Christmas tree in the closet, so I have a tree (crappy, but free!) and after I made enough snowflakes to cover it I started making other things, like garlands and icicles and angels and even a tree skirt. Here are just a few of the hundreds of ornaments and notions that have gone into this project:
And I still pull it all out now and then and make a thing or two before I put it away again. I have been toying with the thought of making more of this and starting an Etsy shop. Maybe I could make a few dollars doing something I love. Who knows?

And here's another one:
One of I think 5 squares I've made so far that I started a year ago to put together to make a centerpiece for Naomi as a thank you for helping us with money (we were so freaking poor the first year we were was like, "Honey, don't spend any money, we only have ten dollars left!" SAD.) and I was chugging on, making a square every week and then something shiny flew by and my attention was pulled elsewhere...oops. Maybe I'll finish this someday. But I'm not in the mood now.

Here is a throw I am working on for Li:
I started this this past winter and the goal was to finish it before she left for Taiwan, but that wasn't going to happen because, you know, life happened instead, so the goal now is to finish it by the time she gets back from Taiwan, which should September. SWEET, I have another year! (It's really almost done, I just need to get my rear in gear and make a few more squares and then put them all together and make a border, really only a week's worth of work...LAZY LAZY ME)

And then I was feeling REALLY ambitious and started making a bedspread to go with Mim's comforter set for her CALIFORNIA KING I AM NOT EVEN KIDDING I AM THAT INSANE:
Filet crochet with size ten crochet cotton. Yes. It's about eight inches wide so far. Yeah. I was tempted to frog it when I realized how HUGE this project was in REALITY (where I clearly wasn't), but Scott convinced me to hold on to it because, hey, you never know. There may come a day when someone will say, "Hey, I'll give you a zillion dollars if you'll make me a bedspread for a Cal King!" And then won't I be glad I already have eight inches done.

A peek inside the basket with the sock:
Notice it has been pulled off the needles again. I was online today at work (surprise, surprise) and found a method I haven't tried for making smoother joins in colorwork, so I may be able to make these stripey yet!

I just can't believe I still have this:
It's a counted cross stitch I started when I was ten or so. A 13-year-old UFO! Sad. I pulled it out the other day and actually worked on it and it was fun! I like the sentiment, "Families Are Forever", which is ironic since my family was forever ripped apart recently. Fun times.

I want to learn to tat. So far I have bought the stuff. Nothing since then.

Here is a counted cross stitch I ordered online. I intend to finish it eventually and give it to Scott's mom as a present for a birthday or Christmas or something, but with all the stuff I am up to (see the list??? It's growing!) it will be her birthday present in ten to fifteen years:

Here is another pair of socks I'm {not} working on:
The pattern I intend to use is Outside In. I think they will be super cute. Some day.

And of course, the finished back piece of the new blue sweater:
It's going to be so cool. I started the front the other day.

Here is the birthday present for Em that is now overdue:
Elbow length fingerless mittens with a striped underbelly! And the buttons have skulls on them. All I need to do at this point is tack the sides down and add the buttons and they will be done. The other weekend I had her try them on and they fit perfectly, thanks to the frogging and reknitting and frogging and reknitting...yeah.

Now, I bought more yarn, because I really needed more. Here are two mohair blends:
They have the prettiest halo of fuzz around them. The one on the right looks gray, but it's really a mixture of blacks, whites, and grays.

Beautiful soft sock yarn with some nylon in it for added durability:

And this stuff is way fun! I couldn't get a good picture because I pretty much suck at photography and also because I have a camera that I bought on sale at Wal-Mart (Still MAD at Wal-Mart). But it's a really fun spring green cotton with a colored viscose thread going through it that turns pink, purple, and orange. It sounds garish, but it's actually very festive, and I'm sure I will find some fun use for it eventually.

So, there you have it. I have too many things I am trying to do. I am so glad all this calms me down because anything else in this volume would stress me out and I would spend days hiding in my room on Klonapin.

I have to post a picture of Buster, it's the law:
Eating a bone he stole from Wayco (Allene's dog). Good boy, Buster (I don't like Wayco...)!

In other news, I found a "used" treadmill on KSL (I say "used" because it's only been used like two times and it's nearly new) and I went down Farmington to take a look at it, and it's perfect! And less that $200! It wouldn't fit in my car so we have a friend with a truck and he will help us pick it up tomorrow after work.

So back to getting in shape.

I actually had a lady tell me I was tiny today and it felt SO GOOD.

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Look at all of those projects! You're one busy lady.

And of course I love the pic of your dog... :)