Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Another List

1. Scott put change on Buster's back and he actually stood still. He's worth about 10 cents now.2. Scott and I sleep with separate blankets. If we share one I hog it. I also hog the bed, which is why we are going to buy a king after this whole mortgage thing gets done and we have money again.
I am currently sleeping with a blanket I have had since 8th grade. Mim wanted me and Kwiddens to like our room so we painted the walls and got rugs and candles and such and we got these matching sheet/blanket sets. It's wavy blue and green and teal and purple stripes. They're all but threadbare but I still use them. Scott is currently sleeping with the yellow quilt my Nana made me when I was in 3rd grade. Surprisingly, it's in better shape than the one I'm sleeping with.

3. Here I am, working on my cross stitch. Allene is also working on hers. We look like old ladies.
I finished all the stitching on it and I just have to clean it and frame it and then I'm giving it to Mim. It's hideous, and that is why she will like it so much!

4. Another lab we sontract with gets to move into a new building, so while they are moving I get to do ALL of their heavy metal testing. I also have monthly water testing tomorrow. I will be staying late, probably all week.

5. I feel like a big fat failure because after losing all that weight I've gained some of it back. I'm still way smaller than I was in January (YAY) but I still feel dumb...I've been eating out a lot, and you know those portions aren't exactly small. Plus there's the ice cream addiction and I eat a lot of Pop-Tarts (speaking of, Scott had never in his entire life tried a Pop-Tart until this weekend. It made him sick. He will never eat one again. I don't understand this.)
BUT, I have my new treadmill and I actually exercised today, and I drank Slim-Fast instead of getting one of those amazing greasy breakfast rolls from the gas station on the corner. The taste left something to be desired, but I felt better, both physically and emotionally.
Someday I will be thinner.
I wish ice cream had no calories.
Life just sucks sometimes.

6. I actually put away some laundry today. Yay me!

7. I went to the beauty school on Saturday and got a haircut and color. I like the haircut very much. The color turned out to be a little too brassy, I think. It looks ok though, except for when it's wet, and then it looks orange for some strange reason.

8. Something is not working out. I haven't missed any meds and I still feel like I'm spiraling downward into a depressive phase. I was a little manic a few weeks ago, so it's about time, but usually the meds make it so I can't really tell when my moods are changing. This scares me a little. It's a scary thing, being lost inside your own mind.

9. I am so amused by the new fish gadget on my sidebar. If you click on it it puts food in the water and they come eat it. They also follow your cursor around. I thought grass would be a funnier background than water.

That's all I can think of. I'm really enjoying blogging, can you tell? There's just something about getting it all on paper (or hard drives, whatever). Maybe eventually I'll be able to talk more about my feelings. Maybe.

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Anonymous said...

The Mister and I sleep with our own blankets too! I thought we were really weird for doing that, but maybe we're more normal than I thought. We just can't share...and we have a king sized bed.