Friday, September 4, 2009

It's What's In My Head

1. I started the socks over again with the new technique I learned and also with thinner stripes and I stretched them out to see if there were gaps and there weren't, so I freaking win.

2. Scott loves me the best because I went to the store and bought oodles of junk food for his LAN. He also loves me the best because I let him have a LAN whenever he wants. I don't understand wives who won't let their husbands do the stuff they like to do. Seriously, how would I feel if Scott wouldn't let me watch TV and knit?

3. I have not folded my laundry for weeks. It sits on the windowsill and Scott (angel) keeps washing more and putting it on the pile and he almost never complains that I leave it there.

4. I was reading an article about health insurance the other day and it got me thinking and when I get thinking I start thinking about bad things that could happen and I thought about what would happen if we didn't have health insurance and I panicked because what if that happens some day? Do you know how many meds I'm on?

5. I got baby hungry for a few days there. But then I started thinking about a little blob being completely dependent on me for cleaning up its bodily fluids, and that was the end of that. Buster is as close to children as I'm ever gonna get. Unless there is a lobotomy involved.

6. I left work early every day this week. I work too quickly.

7. If you mix a generous portion of grenadine with the strawberry flavored soda water it tastes like strawberry Nerds. YUM.

8. Wayco steals Buster's food so we have to keep his food in our room with the door closed so Buster eats at night. The problem is, it's in the MIDDLE of the night. Last night it was 11:00. Which isn't that late, until you consider I usually head to bed around eight and am asleep by nine. Except this week. Maybe that's why I'm so tired...INSIGHT!

9. I am wearing hand-knit socks. It's like a hug on my feet.

10. I want to take a hot bath but the plug in the tub broke. It still goes in, but you have to use a wrench to get it out, and you have to have superhuman strength to do it. I bet Scott would pull it out for me. Isn't he charming? He's my superhero.

So there are ten things.

Also, I get really happy when people comment. I feel like I am making new internet friends! I'm a dork! You know you like it!

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