Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sick Again

So I woke up in the middle of the night last night and my throat was all swollen and there was phlegm EVERYWHERE (you know you wanted to know). My alarm went off at 6:10 as usual. I seriously spent an hour debating calling in sick...I won and stayed home today.

Last Wednesday I also stayed home from work. I was feeling sick and I had a fever so I figured I shouldn't go in and spread the love to all my coworkers. The next day I woke up feeling mostly better but that day all through yesterday I pretty much felt...blah. You know the feeling. Not really bad, but just a little down and a little tired and sort of like you don't want to do anything because doing anything might actually make you feel actually sick...yeah. Fun. But I went to work anyway, because feeling blah isn't really an excuse to stay home.

But having your throat swell up and not being able to breathe through your nose because of the snot and body aches and head aches and stuffy ears are definitely an excuse to stay home.

I called Mim this morning and she could tell right away, and asked "Do you feel sick or just sick of it?" which was incredibly astute of her because yes, I did feel like crap but emotionally I was feeling crappy as well. I was feeling off this weekend so I was forgetting my meds all over the place and then today it REALLY caught up with me. I hate being depressed for no reason, it sucks big time.

But I have been battling this cold for over a week now. I was planning on going down to visit my family this past weekend but I decided not to go because Em and Mim were both sick and I didn't want to get sick (irony). So I stayed home, which did me ZERO good because Chris was sick and so everyone else in the house got sick too, so I should have just gone down to be sick with my family. At least I would have seen everyone. So, the visit has been put off until this coming weekend, assuming we all aren't dead.

So yesterday I was so good. I ate healthy all day and I even walked on the treadmill, although I had to stop because I pretty much almost passed out (because of the whole being sick thing). But at least I tried!

Then today I was feeling crappy so I ate crappy because that's what I do to make myself feel better, which of course made me feel worse. You'd think I would remember this before I eat a cheeseburger, but noooo, I'm an idiot sometimes.
So, Allene and Scott came home and we decided we all need to be healthier and stop eating out so much, so we went grocery shopping and got lots of fruits and veggies and stuff to make actual meals and stuff to make lunches so we aren't spending so much money. Hopefully we will all lose some weight and feel healthier. Either way, our wallets will be fatter.

So poor Em, all three of her bunnies died recently. It was a freakish coincidence. She takes amazingly good care of them, but first one of them broke her leg, then was ok, albeit in a cast, for a few days.
Then she got really really sick and Mim and Em had to stay up all night feeding her yogurt and gatorade and then she was better. For a few weeks. Then randomly she was dead one day.
Then, one of the other ones had a random intestinal rupture and died.
She just went downstairs one day and the other one was just dead for no apparent reason.
So now Em has mourned and gotten two new bunnies named Vincent and Yuki.
They were supposed to be both boys but OOPS there is a girl and a boy and so they will have baby bunnies.

At the store today I stubbed my toe (again, this is a trend) and it was bleeding all over. Yay me.

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