Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Out With The Old...

This whole new deck thing came at just the right time. We were in the back yard the other day and we noticed that the old deck is basically crumbling away, so we have a nice new sturdy one and we win.

So since we have a new back door leading out onto this fabulous deck, Scott filled in the old back door. It was a smallish project-it only took about an hour. Here Scott is starting to rip up the old door:
He was very careful so he wouldn't damage the door. We want to reuse as much as possible while we're renovating, so whenever there is a piece of wood that is undamaged or the old window or this door, we save it for later. This door will later go between the garage and the concrete pad in the side yard (but that's a project far, far in the future).

Once he got the door out in one piece it was just a matter of framing:

And then filling it in with plywood:

So no hole!

We still need to put new siding over this spot, but this will be tricky, since we don't know if we can match the color of the siding exactly. We also still need to insulate, drywall, and paint, but just like the back door, we can't fill it all in until the inspector comes to take a look. As soon as we finish the railing on the deck we will be able to call and set up an appointment to meet with him.



Kim said...

big changes! your projects always make me feel like i'm accomplishing something along with you. :)

Anna W said...

It's like a big internet remodeling party!

magnolia said...

haha - just keep me away from the hammers. i might accidentally miss the drywall and break the internet. :)

Anna W said...

You know, I think I might literally die if the internet were broken. Well, if it were broken permanently. A temporary outage would probably just paralyze me.