Sunday, July 18, 2010

Making Lunches

Lately, as you know Scott and I have been trying to be healthier. So, in order to cut down on our calories (and spending, as well) we've been packing our lunches instead of going out. We take turns every day and it's working out very well.

I may have mentioned at some point Scott's allergy to peanuts (among the many other things he's allergic to). When he was making me a lunch the other day, he made me a special paper towel and stashed it in my lunch bag so I would find it the next day:

I laughed out loud at work...he also labeled my sandwich bag:

He's such a goofball. I love it. He knows how to amuse me and make me smile, and that is a very important thing in a marriage, in my opinion.


magnolia said...

that's definitely true. that's also how i knew things were in trouble in my old relationship - when those things that were cute when we first got together suddenly... well, they just weren't.

Kim said...

How cute!

Anna W said...

Yeah, I'm always afraid that Scott will stop liking my little quirks and we won't be as happy...but so far so good.

Knight Rider said...

I love you ... even if your food makes me BARF!