Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Idiot Box

I have been feeling BLAH lately, so even though I have posting material (Buster pictures, Nyah pictures, and of course, July 4th stuff) I don't feel like it, so I will just show you something amusing.

This is the Idiot Box:

This box is on Mim's front porch. One day when they were coming home Em (I think) tripped over it and said "I hate that idiot box!" and forever after it was known as "The Idiot Box".

CORRECTION: Kwiddens has informed me that it was she who named it. Oops.


Sherri said...

I love your blog and that I get to see Kristen's baby (so cute) your mom (as beautiful as ever) and your new deck (I'm jealous), but I still haven't seen the blankets you made! Did I miss them?

magnolia said...

haha - LOVE IT. when i was a kid, we had this oval coffee table in the living room. my mom was peeling potatoes in the living room one afternoon and wanted it out of the way, so she said to me, "hey, help me move the potato."


"the potato. help me move it."

she realized what she'd said when i picked up a potato and moved it from one side of the table to the other. that table was "the potato" for 12 years.

Anna W said...

Sherri- You didn't miss them, I just haven't gotten a picture from Kristen yet. I'll bug her about that...

Magnolia-That's an awesome story. I have a similar one. Once when we were all hanging out and talking about geometry (we're nerdy like that) Em asked what the strongest shape was, architecturally, and I meant to say triangle, but "pineapple" came out instead...I still get teased for that one. Pretty funny.

Kim said...