Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Babette For Mim

I haven't done anything with yarn for a few months, excepting a project I'm working on right now that I'll reveal in the future. But I haven't posted this picture yet:

It's the "Babette" blanket, from...Interweave Crochet? I'm not sure. But anyway, here's a work-in-progress shot. As you can see, it's turning out very well. I think all the colors are really super fun, but Scott hates it. This is good; whatever things in lots of colors that Scott hates, Mim loves, and the blanket's for her, so we're all set.

I learned a very good lesson while making this blanket: weave in the ends as you go. It will save HOURS. I think if I hadn't done that I would have just made all the squares and then left it in a box somewhere and I would have forgotten it forever, but SMART ME, I thought ahead.

It's a rather small blanket, lap size, so I'm thinking I should expand it before I finish it and put the border on it. I would love that, because let me tell you, this project was addicting!

I think once I'm done working on my current project, or if at some point I need a break, I will go back to this.


magnolia said...

ok, that's gorgeous. i am in awe of your wicked crafting kung-fu.

one of my post-bar, pre-class activities will be to take up my cross-stitching again. i am so excited i can't even tell you.

Anna W said...

Ooh, that will be so relaxing!

Kim said...

How bright and happy! You're so damn talented.

Anna W said...

Having a blog is a giant ego boost...