Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It's Just Wednesday

Once upon a time I was driving on the road between Spanish Fork and Salem (and keep in mind there is only ONE road between the two) and in front of me was a driver who was clearly drunk (I guess I could give him/her the benefit of the doubt; perhaps he was in a diabetic coma), swerving around and almost running off the road and such. I called 911 to report him, and they answered:

911: 911 Emergency, what City?

Me: In between Spanish Fork and Salem

911: What's your emergency?

Me: There's a drunk driver. It's pretty bad, he's going to kill somebody.

911: Ok, where are you driving?

Me: On the road that is Main Street in Spanish Fork and then leaves town going south toward Salem.

911: What is the name of the street?

Me: I have no idea. I'm not from around here, I just know it's the only main road between the two towns.

911: Well I'm going to need you to tell me what road it is.

Me: Seriously, I have no freaking idea. Don't you have a map or something? There's just this one road, and I don't know what it's called.

911: Well you need to find out what road it is so we can send someone out.

Me: You're incompetent. I hope this guy kills someone and it's all on you.


I'm going to hell.

Yesterday I was driving home from work and it happened again, although this time I suspect this person was texting or something because for a minute he would be all over the road, and then for another minute he would drive in a perfectly straight line, and then back to swerving. I considered calling 911 and reporting him, but last time I tried this nobody seemed to care so I just watched him, half amused, half angry that he was endangering other people. He came close to broadsiding cars a few times...

Utah drivers, I tell ya.


I've been so exhausted the last few weeks. I have no idea what's going on. I find myself taking caffeine pills almost every morning, but even with those I'm walking around in a fog. The only thing I can think of is that maybe my allergies are making it hard to sleep effectively, and Utah's pollen count has been extremely high lately. Whatever it is, I'm tired of being tired.

I'm really proud of how well I've been doing on my diet. What's really nice is that I'm not denying myself something that I want. Instead, I'm just budgeting for it in my calories for the day. I am in love with fun-size Butterfingers, and my boss is getting the lab pizza today for lunch and I'm going to indulge but be reasonable about it.

Something I like about Utah is an extra pointless holiday: Pioneer Day. I get work off on Friday because of this, and I am ok with that. Unfortunately, Scott doesn't get it off because he's pretty much indispensable. That's good for job security, but bad for wanting days off. I will sleep in and relax all day, and when he goes to work I'll just laugh at him. In a nice way.

That's about all there is. It's just a regular Wednesday and I'm here at work and there's nothing else to report for the moment.

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