Friday, July 2, 2010

Deck Party Aside: Odds And Ends

I know you are just longing for more information about the deck. It's getting done, slowly but surely. Scott's working on the railing that goes down the stairs, which is proving to be quite difficult. Once it's done I'll put up some pictures, but for now here are some extra random pictures that didn't really fit into the other posts about the deck.

On the left you will note Mim's Monster, and on the right you will note my chocolate milk. This is an accurate reflection of what fuels us.

Throughout the day, however, we switched to Gatorades. We went through several cases of them, which is good, because dehydration in the hot sun SUCKS.

Cutting the risers for the stairs left some fun chunks:

Buster, lounging in the corner of the yard. At first he was terrified of the sounds of the power tools, but he figured out he was safe and just hung out for the rest of the time.

Our spread of small hand tools, and nails, and in the middle the garbage pile. So eco-friendly.

It will all get done. Eventually. We're not really in a hurry, so no sweat.


magnolia said...

gatorade is the elixir of life, though i personally go only for the red kind (fruit punch). it's how i survived new year's weekend and the NFC championship game weekend in new orleans, and it's how i plan to survive the fourth.

red gatorade saves lives. :)

Anna W said...

I like the red ones and the purple ones the best. I will have to buy more for our 4th of July barbecue.

Kim said...

A Buster sighting!!!!

Anna W said...

He's just so cute, I can't help putting pictures of him up. Same thing with the new baby!