Friday, May 7, 2010

Text Time 4

Me: There are screaming babies everywhere!
Scott: No babies!
Me: No kidding!

Mim teaches math at UVU...
Mim: I hate that I have to teach slow, clumsy methods. I teach them, then say "here's the quick, slick method."
Me: Sometimes I can't even remember the slow methods because I just do the quick ones in my head...
Mim: This book series teaches mixture and distance solving with 2 or more variables and a system of equations. WHY?!
Me: Why do people overcomplicate things?
Mim: I know. Sometimes I'm demonstrating and accidentally slip into a quick. I think at this level we should just teach the quick, then later introduce the theory and the slower methods for deeper understanding.
Me: If only we ran the world...
Mim: I agree.

Me: When you take pictures in negative your dog shampoo glows!
Kwiddens: Weirdie

Scott: Buster just lost a fight to a wasp.

Me: Yay, acid on my face!


magnolia said...

"if only we ran the world."

i can't tell you how many times a day that sentiment runs through my mind.

Kim said...

Awww...poor Buster.