Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Slave To Food No More

So several months ago I decided not to eat burgers or fries ever again. I haven't! I feel awesome about that.

So I'm pretty much down to a normal, healthy size now and I want to stay here, and maybe even lose more.

It's time to add more foods to my never again list.

I'm adding donuts, and I'm thinking about extending the french fry rule and just saying no potatoes. All they are is starch starch starch and from everything I've read they have a high glycemic index and aren't as good for you as whole grain starches. I think this would actually be easy, since I don't eat potatoes that much unless I go out and get them with a steak, and the past several times I have done that I have gotten extra vegetables instead of potatoes anyway, so it wouldn't be a big adjustment.

I am also going to change my "diet soda most of the time" rule to "diet soda all the time". I don't need the empty calories, and most of the time I like the taste of the diet version better anyway. I'm going to limit the soda to twice a week, which is more than I usually have anyway. In addition, I am drinking much more water, usually 3-4 liters a day.

With all the water I'm drinking, and the extra fiber supplements I'm taking, I find that I'm not as hungry lately and it takes less food to fill me up.

I'm not going to eat junky breakfast cereals any more. I'm sticking to oatmeal, bran flakes, granola, or shredded wheat. And when I eat bread I'm going to switch to wheat.

I just desperately want to stay where I am with my weight. I had a bad day yesterday because I woke up and I had gained half a pound, and this morning it was gone (I assume I was retaining water for some reason), and I know half a pound seems like no big deal but it adds up quickly. Trust me. If I gained the weight back again I honestly don't know if I could even deal with it...I'm afraid of what would happen and what I would do if I ever got there again.

I think that by telling the internet I will be more motivated to stick with it because I don't want to have to confess that I ate junk food at some point.

I also used my lunch break to exercise yesterday and I feel pretty good about that as well.

I really want to do this.

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magnolia said...

that sounds like a fabulous plan! it's really amazing how little tiny changes can make such a huge difference. i've changed so much about the way i approach food in the last two years, and it's how i've been able to keep the weight off. i'm at a bit of an impasse as to how to keep going; i seem to have hit a plateau lately. but i'm OK enough with where i am that it's not too discouraging.

and besides, good veggies really are one of life's little pleasures. that and a small piece of dark chocolate every day. :)