Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Baby Shower!

So Kwiddens had her baby shower last Saturday and I've been putting off posting about it because moving pictures from my phone to my laptop is terribly annoying (but I just ordered a USB micro SD adapter, so maybe it will be easier in the future).

I stayed down at Mim's Friday night. Scott wanted me out of the house while he was painting the 'Stang (which is coming along quite nicely) and we planned on driving up to her house together.

So on the way down we were goofing off and having a great time being ridiculous, because that's what you do with your family (my family, anyway) and Em had gotten these stick-on mustaches and so we were being total dorks, so here is my dear Em, doing her best impression of a creepy old dude: And then of course Mim had to try it, and she looks slightly less creepy:
I declined the offer to participate. I know, I'm boring.
So Kwiddens was there (duh) and very very pregnant:
Oh man am I glad it isn't me that's pregnant...

So she got boatloads of baby stuff from friends and family, and this isn't even half of it:
But she got a crib and a car seat and tons of clothes and of course the blanket I made for her, which I forgot to take a picture of because I SUCK AT THIS GAME (maybe someone will take a picture with her phone and send it to me, hint hint). Anyway, I gave her the blanket, literally one of the most beautiful (and expensive) things I have ever made, and Kwiddens loved it and understood how much time it took to make that (I'm gonna love that baby to death!), and usually the crowd's response is something akin to HOLY CRAP YOU MADE THAT HOW AMAZING. However, I believe Isaac's family is full of idiots who wouldn't see something beautiful for what it is if it were shoved in their faces (I know that seems mean, but seriously, you have to know these people. I'll probably blog about them later). No response. I was hurt and disappointed. At least the person it was for cared and loved it.

After the opening of the presents the shower changed into an open-house type of affair, so we all did whatever we wanted. For Mim and me that entailed sunbathing:
(which turned out to be pretty dumb since we all got sunburned, but oh the sun felt nice!).

And for Em it involved swinging on the hammock, ignoring everyone else, until Isaac offered to push her on the tire swing:
Let me tell you, it's been years since I've tire swung, and sometimes I just really miss being a kid.


Sherri said...

I would love to see a picture of the blanket you made. I want to make something for Kristen too, but don't know where to send it. Please email me an address:
I love that people can move away, but with blogs they never totally leave my life.

Kim said...

That tire swing picture takes me back. I miss being a kid sometimes too.