Friday, May 28, 2010

Text Time 5

Today's texts are brought to you by The Kwiddens. And pregnancy. And babies. Etc.

Kwiddens: I just lifted a watermelon and almost popped out a baby.
Me: You are hilarious!

Me: Are you gonna pop that baby out soon? You must feel ready to burst!!!
Kwiddens: No kidding. I felt like water was going to break last night. We're out shooting today. Maybe the off roading will help get her out.
Me: That would be an awesome story to tell. "How I Went Into Labor"...
Kwiddens: For real! It would be hilarious.

Me: You're due in less than a month, you know.
Kwiddens: I know! It could be like any day now!
Me: You will call or text me when you go into labor, right?
Kwiddens: Of course.
Me: And then you goes to the hospital and spit it out.
Kwiddens: Haha or something like that.

Kwiddens: I just got kicked so hard I almost peed
Me: Kicked by whom??
Kwiddens: Nyah
Me: Oh ok I thought someone else kicked you and I was about to be pissed.
Kwiddens: Lol no. I would have kicked some ass if anybody had kicked me.

Kwiddens: Apparently changing tables are useless once your baby can roll.

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