Friday, May 21, 2010

In No Particular Order

Just some thoughts:

The new girl that works in the micro lab is way nicer than the old one.

One time when I was really little (6 I think) I bit Kwiddens on the nose and then lied to Mim and said "Kristen bit her nose!" and I couldn't for the life of me figure out how she knew it was me...

I like weighing only 150 lbs.

I love making this blanket so much that I want to design more squares to go on it so it will be bigger and take me longer to make. Scott thinks it's hideous, but Mim will love it!

When I went to the prom senior year of high school I wore a dress from the 1920's. I looked amazing. The restaurant we went to was called "The Victorian Tearoom" and it was exactly what it sounds like.

I got french vanilla cappuccino at Maverik this morning but when I got to work and started drinking it, it turned out they had put the wrong mix in the machine and it was pumpkin spice flavored. It wasn't bad, it was just not what I wanted and expected. I drank it anyway, because I took Nyquil last night and I was feeling terribly groggy this morning and needed to perk up.

I recently undertook the giant task of cleaning my office at work. When I inherited it almost two years ago it was stuffed to the brim with junk and dust and old all the books and records are organized, shelves are dusted off, the old broken chair is gone, the samples are in nice little boxes, and I got rid of the really old random crap that was in my desk drawers and taking up space in my cupboards.

All I want right now is a nap.

I got overwhelmed one day last week and snapped at my boss and I apologized profusely and I think we're ok now but I can't stop thinking about it and feeling horrible that I said what I said in the tone I said it in, but more that I lost control at work. I'm usually good about containing my crazy and keeping it away from work so people there will like me and think I'm sane, but last week I just...I feel terrible about it. I also feel disappointed in myself for even getting overwhelmed. Normally I am invincible superchemist and no matter how many samples they throw at me I still get them done quickly with a smile on my face. I think part of the problem was that someone came in and asked me to do a large project soonish, and I said OK, and then not even five minutes later someone else came in and said that the project was more of an ASAP thing than a soonish thing and I just felt like I hadn't even had time to look at the project before someone else was asking about it.


I have that weird restless feeling again. It might have to do with the Nyquil.

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