Saturday, May 15, 2010

Anniversary Time!

So Scott and I have now been married for three years. Our anniversary was this past Tuesday, May 11.

These three years have been amazing and crazy and happy and sad and stressful and peaceful and always an adventure.

When we first got married we were broke, I was sick, and my family was exploding. Yet Scott stood there with me. He laughed when I laughed, held me when I cried, and took me to the doctor time after time until we figured out what was going on.

After things with my family calmed down and I found a job (and stopped getting sick-turns out anxiety can physically cripple you), things got really good. Scott and I were still learning about each other and learning to live with each other.

We made smart decisions and we were careful. We dreamt of so many wonderful things for our future together, and soon we began to make them all come true. We bought a house, we got a dog, we started living. Actually living.

My family is still insane and dramatic, and I'm still a basket case, but I'm properly medicated now (WOO) and so we have gotten into this rhythm where we are almost always perfectly in sync with what we want and how we feel. And we always love each other dearly.

Scott is one of the most wonderful people I have ever met. He is kind and caring, never selfish and always generous. He has always put me, my health, and my happiness first, even though I don't ask that he do so. He's goofy and sweet and just seeing him smile makes my day. He's strong, physically and emotionally, and he's been there for me whenever I need someone to talk to or a shoulder to cry on.

He treats me like a queen and values my opinions at the same time. I'm his sweetheart and his equal, in perfect harmony. We have inside jokes and favorite shows we quote at each other all the time. We jokingly make fun of each other, and in our family that means "I love you".

It's been a good three years, even through the bad times.

Here's to another three years. And three more after that. Etc.

So here's the stack of anniversary presents I got from my Amazon wish list as per tradition:

There was also some Vanilla Lace lotion from Victoria's Secret, but I forgot to put it in the picture. The funny thing was, even though Scott ordered "The Pursuit of Happyness" with Will Smith, they sent us this weird old movie called "The Pursuit of Happiness", and when we asked for an exchange, they just gave us our money back and told us to keep it. So Scott re-ordered that one for me.

We went to a nice dinner at Corbin's, a more upscale steakhouse close to us. The atmosphere was fun, our server was amazing, and I just felt like it was an extra special meal. We got some amazing crab stuffed mushrooms:

And since I'm on the no carbs phase of the diet I could only stare longingly at this:

Sourdough. Oh yes.

But the most special part of this anniversary was the real present Scott got me:

New wedding rings with more sparklies! And check out that paper cut on my middle finger. Oh yes.


The Miguel Family said...

how fun! congrats on 3 years. married life really is the best! i like your sparklie!

magnolia said...

happy anniversary! looks like it was fun. :)

Kim said...

Happy 3 years!!!! That's a beautiful ring!