Saturday, May 22, 2010

Deck Party, Part 4

After the week where Scott and I barely got anything done (being sick is so AWESOME. Not.) we were going to have Mim come back up the following weekend (May 15-16) to work on the deck more. However, Friday night Mim was feeling a bit sick so we were going to see if she felt better Saturday morning. She didn't call me in the morning so I assumed she wasn't feeling better and was resting, and we started without her (turns out she was up all night throwing up, poor thing). Fortunately Ben was able to come over and help more, and I wasn't feeling sick so I was able to help as well.

Since the framing was done, the next step was going to be putting the decking on, so that's where we started:

It actually went by pretty quickly compared to the framing, so we got tons done. Here is a shot of some of the (almost) finished edges:

It's looking so good!

Ben had to get going around noon so before he left we ordered pizza as a thank you (and I also got him a thank you/housewarming gift for his new house) and he and Scott ate out on the deck, enjoying the sunshine:

Ben and Scott had gotten almost all the decking put down so before we put the railing up we wanted to get the new back door put in. Scott pulled off the siding and took the floodlights out:

Here's how the side of the house looked before we put the door in:

The door had been delivered, but the LVL header we ordered for it was lost somewhere along the way, so we couldn't put the door in until we got that delivered. On Sunday (May 16) Scott started on the railing but didn't get far before we decided to call it quits and veg for the rest of the day.

More to follow!

This is taking way longer than we thought it would. But it's turning out well, so I can't complain.

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Kim said...

you officially have had chairs on your deck...that's a big step!