Saturday, August 1, 2009

Eat at Joe's!

I don't feel like digging through Vegas pictures tonight...the truth is we didn't take as many as we planned. For one thing, we didn't do as many things as we planned (it turns out if you walk down The Strip in 1,000,000 degree weather you will not feel well and will not want to do anything for the rest of the evening). And, of course, we both kept forgetting that we have a camera. Lame, I know.

GOOD NEWS: The cortisone, though incredibly painful and just plain MEAN, is working! I knitted for like ten hours today and I'm a little sore but my hands aren't lifeless and numb and I'm not dying of pain. Awesome. That means that it IS, in fact, carpal tunnel (duh Duh DUH, we totally knew this but in order for insurance to pay for the surgery they have to "prove" it...) and so in two weeks I go back in and we can schedule surgery and voila, I will be cured. Except for the part where I have to stay home from work. That just sucks.

In other news, I made up with my sister. Kwiddens and I had not been getting along...just more fallout of the great CRAPFEST of '07 (and '08 and '09, but who's keeping track) but I finally just got sick of not having her in my life, so certain topics are more or less taboo in conversation but other than that we are cool again. I am going to meet her in Salt Lake tomorrow to have linner, or dunch, whatever the afternoon meal is called (hobbits call it "afternoon tea") with her and her new BF who, from what I've heard, seems pretty cool. I think we'll go to Joe's because I have an addiction to snow crab.

I went to the store today to get buttons and ended up getting snacks and Scott and I just had the laziest day ever. It was nice...I relax on weekends all the time but he doesn't relax with me as much. But, aside from a few calls he got on the tech phone he hung out with me all day. But anyway, when I was at the store I SLAMMED my little toe into something and I'm not sure if it's broken, but it was bleeding and there is still pain hours later so it might be a possibility. The total number of times I have broken a toe comes to...I've lost count. I'm not clumsy or anything, noooo, not me.

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