Sunday, August 2, 2009


I love music. Ever since I was a little girl my Mim made me (I say "made" because I didn't want to...and now I regret quitting) take piano lessons and so I grew up learning music. I also remember that when we were little Mim would stay up late outside of our bedroom playing music on the piano so we could fall asleep, and when she couldn't she would put the stereo in the hallway and put on Enya (hence my lifelong obsession). To this day, whenever I have problems sleeping, I listen to Enya or something else that's soft and relaxing. I have a lot of anxiety problems, and music has never failed to calm me. Likewise, whenever I am angry, or happy, or nervous, or really whatever my emotional state there is always music to match.
This weekend I relaxed, but I went to West Valley to spend time with Kwiddens, and that was a couple hours of driving total, and driving stresses me out, so when I got home I hooked up my headphones to lappie and I have been listening to Tori Amos, who has an album for every mood. Lately my favorite is The Beekeeper. It's mostly soothing and delicate and her voice is just beautiful no matter what she sings.
It makes me want to sing again.

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