Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Good, Bad, Ugly

I am about halfway up to the arms on the front of my new blue sweater. Mim wants one also, but hasn't decided on the color yet.
I have successfully learned to cable. And there is lace, and I did it! It's only 7 stitches long, but I'm counting it as a victory.
I have a company party on Friday so I only have to work 4 hours. Scott's coming to the party with me and everyone will see how adorable and sweet he is.
A woman at work brought home-grown zucchini for anyone to take so I grabbed one. Can't decide: grilled, fried, or in zucchini bread? Choices, choices.
Knitting is funny when you've taken Tramadol. Funny as in, oh look! What the crap are my hands doing? Why is this not working? Lalala zzzzzzzz.....
I'm still in my smaller jeans.
I got pretty yarn in the mail the other day. Some of it was fuzzy.
I'm skinnier that I was in January.
The nitric acid stain on my finger is FINALLY starting to peel off. We're talking weeks of yellow fingers.
I get Mexican food today, which is awesome because I NEVER get Mexican food because Scott's allergic to beans. And everything else, but you can pry my peanut butter from my cold, dead hands. MMMMM, peanut butter.

My throat hurts.
I have to wait until this cortisone thing wears off to have the surgery. This could take months. In the meantime I'm not in pain most of the time so I suppose life is good.
Scott has been sick for a few days, and it's the saddest thing ever because I can't do anything about it.
I had a two-day migraine and had to stay home from work totally stoned from pain meds on Monday.
I have a giant FTIR project that I did a few weeks ago, and then the hard drive on that computer died and we hadn't backed it up since APRIL so we lost all the data and I have to do it over again. This will take several days.
My hand hurts today. Like, really hurts.
I still haven't finished Em's present, even though her birthday was Monday...oops. I should really do that...there's only about an hour's worth of work there, I just need to sit down and do it.
I'm still not as skinny as I would like to be.

Not a single thing. My life is pretty good most of the time, and when it isn't, it just seems like it's bad because I'm not looking at the good stuff. Sometimes the crap can eclipse the awesomeness in my mind, you know?
Things can ALWAYS get worse. Trust me on that one.

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