Thursday, August 20, 2009

And Again...

The Andersen PierceFest of '09 continues.
Kwiddens got a Monroe done tonight.
The day was chronicled as follows:

On the way to our house her BF's XTerra got a flat tire. Sad day:
Then, Kwiddens was sad and mad:
Here she is, supremely mad at the tire:
The poor tire:
So sad.
Scott then got the spare tire out and replaced it for her:
I would have done it, since I know how to change a spare, but HOLY COW that tire is so huge in comparison to the ones on the Focus...yeah.
Watching on the DVD player in the car on the way to dinner:
We ate dinner before going to the shop because we had a moment of brilliance and realized eating might not be pleasant after the piercing was done.
At the shop (Lucky Bamboo in Layton, definitely recommend this place), filling out the paperwork:
In the chair, ready to go:
You can't see him, but the guy who pierced her, Brian, was a total hottie. There were some pictures in between of the actual piercing, but they are either gross or unflattering or both, so they aren't on here!
The finished product:
Notice the HOLY CRAP THIS HURTS look on her face and the paleness...the blood totally drained from her face and she looked sick for a minute, it was kinda sad. I think I might have passed out, but that's because I'm a pansy.
Then we went to the store and got solution to clean it with and some other stuff we needed.
This was Kwiddens's combined birthday and Christmas present. And it was fun.

Everything at work went OK until I tried to run cadmium. I HATE the piece of crap graphite furnace, I want to "accidentally" push it off the lab bench. They're trying to find an ICP-MS. They had found one for sale and were about to write out a check when they went and sold it out from under us to some Japanese dudes. Jerks. So now we're looking again.
In the meantime, I can run Cd on our other ICP. It's just annoying.
We have a company summer barbecue tomorrow afternoon, so we only have to work a half day. Awesome! Scott is coming so everyone will get to meet him.

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