Saturday, August 29, 2009

Something Amusing and a Sock

Something Amusing:
So take a look at this picture:Apparently, if you are a man, you see PUPPY PAWS! If you're a woman, you say, "Scott, what did you do to make her so mad?"
You see, I look mad when I'm concentrating. So pretty much all the time that I'm yarning.
Scott tested this out at work and it's very amusing.


Something cute:
He puts his face on my toes whenever he wants attention. It's cute.

A sock:
I cast on a pair of socks for Allene yesterday. I got this far:
And then I realized I needed more stitches because they were going to be too small. I have this problem constantly, you'd think I would learn to make a swatch...oh well.
So last night I had gotten this far before I was tired and my hands started to hurt:
So I went to bed and after we did a garage sale for a million hours in zillion degree heat with gazillion babies touching our stuff (will post about this later) I had to chill out inside the house and so I worked more and got this much done:
I was SO proud of myself because this is really fast for me, guys. I am a SLOW sock knitter. I think the tiny needles hurt my hands more so I slow down.
But, I got a second wind because there was a Dirty Jobs marathon on and we LOVE that show (Mike Rowe is a total hottie. Even though he's older than my parents. But so is Shawn Connery, so who cares, right??) and so I worked while I watched and got the heel flap all the way done:
So tomorrow I will turn the heel and see how much of the foot I can get done. This will be FAST pair of socks. You can't see the color very well here because this was taken late at night in our poorly lit house with my sad little camera phone but when they're done I will take a picture with the REAL camera so you can see the REAL colors. They're much prettier.

And then I think I have enough of these colors to make myself a pair too because they're just so freaking cute. CUTE!

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Samantha Grace said...

The dog is adorable! And the socks are pretty cute too...:)