Saturday, October 8, 2011

Week Two: The Saga Continues

If you find these too tiring (or just boring or dumb) you can skip them. I won't be offended, I promise! Mostly, I wanted to chronicle this for myself. Oh, happy memories!

Monday 9/5
Day Off! Sat at home worrying about work the next day…

Tuesday 9/6
O.P.P. 17, C.I.D.H.F. 2 (rush testing), TOTAL 19 SAMPLES
ICP-MS computer fixed, but then the plasma wouldn't light! I called tech support and they had to schedule a service visit. The Technician couldn't come for two days.
C.I.D.H.F.'s ICP-MS went down. They needed two samples rushed, so we ran them on our backup method overnight on the ICP-OES along with my regular samples.

Wednesday 9/7
O.P.P. 21, C.I.D.H.F. 2 (rush testing), TOTAL 23 SAMPLES
I missed this day due to a family emergency.
Since the ICP-MS was down, my boss had to run the Hg tests on the DMA, but the data wasn’t saved (wonderful IT guys came in and rebooted the computer without saving) and I had to retest all of them the next day.
Our ICP-MS still down, so my samples were run overnight on the ICP-OES again.
C.I.D.H.F.’s ICP-MS still down, needed 2 rushed on ICP-OES.

Thursday 9/8
O.P.P. 20, C.I.D.H.F. 85 (already dissolved), Other 14 (2 sent out, retested later), TOTAL 105 SAMPLES HOLY CRAP
ICP-MS technician came. Had to order parts. My samples were run overnight on ICP-OES again.
C.I.D.H.F.’s ICP-MS still down. Samples run on our ICP-OES backup method.

Friday 9/9
O.P.P. 22, Other 8, TOTAL 30 SAMPLES
ICP-MS parts arrived, but technician could not complete repairs in time. My samples were run overnight on the ICP-OES.
C.I.D.H.F.’s ICP-MS still down.

To be continued...yet again.

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