Friday, October 7, 2011

Week One: So It Begins...

Thursday 9/1
O.P.P. 24, Other 8 (8 were later sent out to another lab for testing, but the results came back high so I ended up re-testing them later anyway), TOTAL 32 SAMPLES
Our ICP-MS computer wouldn’t boot up. My samples were run on the ICP-OES after Coworker completed his work on it, so I didn’t have results until the next morning.

Friday 9/2
O.P.P. 28, Other 8 (6 sent out, re-tested later), TOTAL 36 SAMPLES
No word from IT department about ICP-MS computer. My samples run overnight on the ICP-OES again.

Now, if things are working properly, 32 or 36 samples is not a big deal. When you're using backup methods, however, it makes things take a lot longer than they usually would.

To be continued...

(I broke this saga up into several posts because it looks like a maze all together in one place. Breaking it down by weeks makes it SO much easier!)
(Plus then I have posts for several days...)

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