Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Week Six: The End!

Monday 10/3
My computer was still not connected to the network.
The part for the ICP-OES came, but didn’t fit properly, so ICP-OES was still down. Coworker used ICP-MS as backup again.

Tuesday 10/4
I got a new computer!
ICP-OES still down. Coworker still using ICP-MS as backup.

Wednesday 10/5
Three men working on ICP-OES all at once, but they still don’t get it fixed. Coworker used ICP-MS as backup again.

ICP-OES fixed!

Friday 10/7
The end!

Keep in mind that the entire time C.I.D.H.F.’s ICP-MS was down, Coworker was running all of their mineral assay tests as well. CRAZY. Both of us were putting in major overtime.

Some of our outside clients were okay with heavy metals results on the ICP-OES, but the majority just waited until our ICP-MS was back up, leaving me with a giant pile of samples that had accumulated over two weeks. Catching up was a BITCH.

But it's over!

1 comment: said...

WHEW. seriously, WHEW. and i am so glad it's over!