Sunday, October 9, 2011

Week Three: Really?!

Monday 9/12
O.P.P. 35, C.I.D.H.F. 54, Other 29, TOTAL 118 ARE YOU SERIOUS
Our ICP-MS was fixed late in the day (YAY!).
C.I.D.H.F.’s ICP-MS still down. Samples run on our ICP-MS overnight, now that it was working.

Tuesday 9/13
O.P.P. 29, C.I.D.H.F. 26, Other 7, TOTAL 62
C.I.D.H.F.’s ICP-MS still down.

Wednesday 9/14
O.P.P. 33, Other 3, TOTAL 36
C.I.D.H.F.’s ICP-MS still down (but they didn't send any samples this day).

Thursday 9/15
O.P.P. 18, C.I.D.H.F. 5 (4 already dissolved), Other 6, TOTAL 29
I went home sick halfway through the day.
C.I.D.H.F.’s ICP-MS still down.

Friday 9/16
O.P.P. 23, TOTAL 23
I was home sick all day. My boss didn't run any samples from other clients (so left them all for Monday...).
C.I.D.H.F.’s ICP-MS still down.

So the middle of this week was relatively normal...and then I got sick.

To be continued...yet again.


Anonymous said...

it's just the worst when stuff like this piles up. i have a similar style of problem at work, but it's even more annoying because mine is preventable. there are serious office politics among the bosses (read: work mama and work daddy are fighting), and so a lot of things i've been given to do just aren't getting reviewed. i am put in between the people asking questions and the people involved in the in-fighting. good god, it's obnoxious. no one wins like this.

Anna W said...

And it feels like it never lets up. At least the month's over, right? Here's to a better October...