Friday, October 14, 2011

Text Time 19

Kwiddens: I hate PHS.
Me: ?
Kwiddens: Pissy Husband Syndrome
Me: LOL I love you!
Kwiddens: Tee hee

Mim: Even the tutors in the math lab say "Times it by 4".
Me: That's so gross.
Mim: I don't know how much more I can take.

Scott: Sorry...
Me: For?
Scott: That you don't feel well and that I am a bad hubby
Me: You are a wonderful hubby!
Scott: Maybe it is the painkillers
Scott: Sorry...I feel like...a bad hubby...not hanging with you

(Scott gets overly apologetic when he takes narcotics...)

Kwiddens: I had to stop Rachel from putting a finger of melted ice cream in Nyah's mouth just now.
Me: Come over. Bring Nyah baby. I promise I won't put things in her mouth ;)
Kwiddens: Haha, okie.

Me: I don't know what to get E and J for Christmas
Mim: Coal
Me: Are they being bad?
Mim: Not necessarily
Me: Ok.


Anonymous said...

can we add PLIBS to the acronym list? y'know, pissy live-in boyfriend syndrome?

Anna W said...


Kim said...

You could always get those joke lumps of coal that are really delicious chocolate. It'll make Mim laugh.