Monday, October 10, 2011

Week Four: At This Point It's Funny

Monday 9/19
O.P.P. 20, C.I.D.H.F. 54, Other 17, TOTAL 91
C.I.D.H.F.’s ICP-MS still down.

Tuesday 9/20
O.P.P. 26, C.I.D.H.F. 27, Other 6, TOTAL 59
C.I.D.H.F.’s ICP-MS still down.

Wednesday 9/21
O.P.P. 19, C.I.D.H.F. 32, Other 3, TOTAL 54
Had to make and run a longer method to include another metal (added an extra 20 minutes to the calibration).
C.I.D.H.F.’s ICP-MS still down.

Thursday 9/22
O.P.P. 20, C.I.D.H.F. 24, Other 8, TOTAL 52
C.I.D.H.F.’s ICP-MS still down.

Friday 9/23
O.P.P. 31, C.I.D.H.F. 32, Other 5, TOTAL 68
Ran out of Argon partway through my run. Both ICP-MS and ICP-OES run on Argon. Praxair couldn’t come until Monday, so we were just stuck. Some of our testing was left undone.
C.I.D.H.F. receives the part they were waiting for for their ICP-MS. They install it and it immediately breaks. Go freaking figure.

To be continued...

(There are only two left. Bear with me.)

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