Friday, May 27, 2011

Overtime! Can You Even Believe It?

Most of the time the meds keep me pretty stable and happy and such, but on occasion I do still feel the ups and downs. They're dampened, but they're still there.

A few weeks ago I was feeling pretty energetic, and having a really hard time sleeping at night. Teensy peek of a manic phase.

The past three days or so have been a little rough. I'm feeling down, agitated, irritable, exhausted, and just generally emotional. This week at work has also been INSANE. As in, two of my three machines not working, and the third being out of commission for a whole day because of preventative maintenance, and add in the new guy who is replacing my coworker who is going to grad school (who is really nice, but you know how bad I am with change) (plus I'm really going to miss the guy he's replacing), and add in a giant boatload of samples from both our company and outside just piled up and I actually worked OVERTIME this week! That NEVER happens!

So I'm in a little teeny depressive phase. It's not that bad. I just feel a little antsy and all these random things that have nothing to do with anything are floating around in my head, and of course, very few of these things even make any sense. And I'm freaking tired. TIRED.

I'm just going to take this three-day weekend and chill, and hopefully by the time I need to get to work Tuesday morning I'm back to normal.

Also, I want my new tablet to come in the mail. I've been in withdrawal.


Kwiddens said...

And your sister moved. :(

Anonymous said...

ugh, i know that feeling. that's a pain. hopefully you're in the middle of that nice recharge.

kim said...

I hope this week has started off better than last week ended. I know the feeling you have, though, all too well. All I can say is make sure you vent as much as you need to because it'll help in the end.