Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Reese's And I Are Going To Go Get A Room

So I think I've mentioned Scott's allergies before. I haven't listed all of them, though, so here:

Tree nuts
Some seeds
RABBITS (the fur, not the meat)(that we know of)(we're not in the habit of eating bunnies)
Animals (actually, we're both allergic to Buster, but he's TOTALLY WORTH IT)
Life in general

So how do you cook for someone who can't eat these things?

Let me be more clear: soy is a legume. DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY THINGS HAVE SOY PROTEIN IN THEM? Also, my company chelates minerals to soy protein, so sometimes when I get it on my clothes Scott is actually literally allergic to me. Also, one time we were at Target and he smelled a soy candle and his throat closed up. Fun times.


When we buy a new skillet dinner at the store it's a risk we have to take. We always have Benadryl on hand. Sometimes Scott will take a Benadryl just so he can eat clam chowder at Zupas! That's true love.

The interesting thing is that this soy allergy seems to be getting worse. More and more things are giving him trouble. We had to switch brands of meatballs. We were sad about this.

There's one thing that you all have to remember, more important than everything else ever:

You can pry my peanut butter from my cold, dead hands.


Kim said...

Does he go to an allergist? I cannot recommend the allergist enough. According to my allergist, who also is a professor in this area, my allergy test was the worst he's ever seen. I only had one food related allergy (sesame seeds), though. So I don't know what it's like having to watch foods that closely. And I've also learned that toasted sesame seeds seem to be alright, it's the raw ones I have to watch.

But, it's funny you should mention rabbits because I'm also EXTREMELY allergic to them. The Mister's dad had a rabbit at his house a long time ago and even though I don't much care for them, I pet it and I ended up having this huge reaction and my eye closed up completely due to swelling. And my mom was having our family portrait taken the next day. Due to some makeup and photoshop trickery I look halfway normal until you realize I'm sort of winking at the camera.

Anonymous said...

oof. that is TOUGH to deal with. i am also allergic to bunny fur. no angora sweaters for me; they break me out in hives.

the one that kills me, though, is that i am allergic to crabmeat. just crab, no other shellfish (thank the gods - if i couldn't have shrimp or crawfish, i think i'd die). if i want to eat crab, i have to take benadryl or i swell. i discovered crab in sushi the other day, and it was a race to CVS before the puffing began. sigh.

Anna W said...

Yeah, Scott spent about two years going to an allergist. It was helping, but our insurance isn't that great, so he ended up stopping. He doesn't seem to mind anyway; like I said, he takes Benadryl to eat foods he likes and he doesn't even like peas or nuts or anything anyway.