Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I'm Frozen And Tired

My internet presence of late has consisted of lurking.

I'm just so tired and cold and I don't feel like I have anything to say. I have more pictures of the ex-green room, but I can't seem to capture on camera the actual shade of blue. It's so frustrating.

I went to a spinning class tonight and let me tell you, skipping class for two months is a terribly bad idea. BAD. I couldn't keep up. I was actually out of breath. I had to sit out a few of the intervals, and the woman who cycles in front of me is a super overachiever and kept going the whole time with her resistance set way high! I don't actually resent her for this; it's amazing that she's in such good shape. It gives me something to aspire to. It just didn't contribute to my self-esteem tonight, that's all.

Work has been slow, and that's fine because it means there's no frustration, but it also means I need to kill time. Last week I was working on my knee socks, and basically did a knitting marathon all week (I got to the middle of the foot), and now I feel knitted out. I wasn't sure that was possible, but it turns out it is!

I had a mild bug Sunday and Monday. I went in to work anyway, because I knew that if I had stayed home I would just be lying around feeling bad for making someone else do my job when I was totally capable of doing it myself. My job isn't physically taxing, so it's not a big deal if all I have is a headache and body aches and some phlegm. I went home after work on Monday and basically passed out, and then I was awake for about three hours before I went back to bed. I woke up this morning feeling just fine, except a teeny bit sleepy, but picking up some coffee at Maverik solved that problem.

I've joined a pool at work for a weight loss contest, and I really would like to win. I have the weight to lose, and I think I can do it; it's all about discipline and I'm not sure I have it right now, but it's definitely worth a try. I've been so bad about keeping track of what I eat these past several months. I started using FatSecret again today. I'm going to try to track everything I eat and also all the exercise I do. I went to the gym today, so that means that so far, I've gone to the gym every day in February!

(Just let me have that little pretend victory. I need it right now.)

I had Jorg up at my house this past weekend. Scott had people over for a LAN, so Jorg played with them, and also spent some time with me. We hung out and watched a movie Friday night (Saving Private Ryan), and Saturday night  we went and saw the new Narnia movie (I loved it, but of course, I love all things Narnia) and then stayed up very very late watching Dress To Kill (Eddie Izzard). If you haven't seen this, and you don't mind some a lot of profanity, you MUST watch this. The beginning bit is a little dumb, but once he gets on stage and gets going you're going to love it. Then Sunday when I woke up, as you know, I felt like crap. I just rested on the couch all day until Mim came to pick Jorg up. We had a little bit of a chat, which is always lovely, before she headed home.

And that is basically a summary of the goings-on in my life right now. Nothing too exciting, I know, and I'm glad things are going smoothly.

And, now that I've said that, tomorrow everything will blow up. Or something. Because that's how luck works. I'mma go find some wood to knock on.


magnolia said...

i know the feeling. i hate this time of year. so blah.

Kim said...

I've been wondering what's been up with you lately. I miss it when my faves take a blogging break!