Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Green Room, Part 3

After the electrical work was done, the insulation back up, and the can lights installed, the next step was putting up drywall. Scott has a group of very super awesome friends that were willing to come over and help in exchange for lots of pizza.

The hard part was the ceiling, especially because we had to measure and cut very carefully the holes for the lights. The nice thing is that Scott found a little thingy at Home Depot that we hooked up to the drill and it made a perfectly round hole.

Once the ceiling was in the rest was (comparatively) a piece of cake.

After drywall we mudded the whole room to get it ready for painting.

So here is the view up the stairs:

And here is the view from the stairs:


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magnolia said...

progress is a good thing. that room is going to look amazing when you're done!