Saturday, February 12, 2011

It's A Really Fugly Bathtub!

So I've briefly mentioned before that Kwiddens doesn't really like her in-laws. She and Isaac were living in their basement while they tried to save money up to get their own place.

There were several conflicts. Isaac's dad is a really nice guy, so he's ok. Isaac's mom and sisters treated Isaac's dad terribly, though, so that was the first strike against them. Really, they're jerks to him, and he just has to take it because if he ever stood up for himself or tried to leave, well, Utah is an alimony state, so he's basically stuck financially. The most infuriating thing is their money system: Isaac's dad works very hard, and his mom works about three hours a day. She is allowed to keep the money she makes and do whatever she wants with it. He has to use his money to pay all the bills, but sometimes there isn't enough, so he has to pick and choose which bills to pay each month, and Isaac's mom refuses to pitch in any of her money to help.

Isaac's sister has a child with special needs, but she refuses to get him any sort of help, so he gets sent home from school all the time for acting up and being violent toward other kids and even teachers. She won't make proper meals for him, and she won't make sure he's clothed properly, and she just sits him down in front of the TV all day every day. Kwiddens has worked in childcare for years now, so this hits really close to home. It's terrible for her to watch a child be neglected like that, so while she was living there she was trying to help parent him as much as she could. But he's never been parented, so he's completely unmanageable, and it was really wearing on her.

In their house, Isaac's mom and sisters didn't do any housework, leaving it all for Isaac's dad, Isaac, and Kwiddens to do. It's not like Kwiddens wasn't happy to pitch in; but the others just weren't doing anything (and then complaining about how "hard" their lives are). I'm sorry to say it, but these are lazy, self-entitled people who were nothing but constantly rude to Kwiddens and Isaac while they were there, even though they pitched in and helped as much as they could. It was like Isaac's mom and sisters could do no wrong, and Isaac's dad, Isaac, and Kwiddens could do no right.

So last week, KABOOM, everything came bubbling to the surface. Things were tense, and Kwiddens heard them talking smack about her upstairs. So she went up and told them "If you have something to say, say it to my face." and all hell broke loose. They had a fight. A big one. EVERYONE was involved. Kwiddens decided to just leave so she and everyone else could cool off, so she went to Mim's for a few days. The problem was, once she got there, Isaac called and told her that he had been informed that they were no longer welcome in that house, and they were to get their things out and leave A.S.A.P.


So there were a few frantic days of trying to find a place to live that was affordable and available immediately. They found a place, borrowed Bob's trailer, made several trips back and forth and now they're all moved in and getting things settled and organized. I'm happy to report that Nyah has already adjusted to the new apartment and wasn't as stressed about the whole thing as they expected her to be.

They found an apartment that's actually part of an old house. The house was built in the late 1800's, so you can see really cool little details like carved archways and fancy baseboards. It's almost shabby chic. All the carpet's new and the appliances work just fine. The only thing is the bathtub: it's the most ghetto bathtub I've ever seen. But it's getting resurfaced in a few days, so then all will be well!

The best part? Now instead of driving 45 minutes to see her, it's only 20. Also, it's right down the street from where I work. I win.


magnolia said...

isn't it divine when "family" behaves like that? jeez. glad they were able to get a better situation so fast.

Kim said...

Wow. What a mess of a family. Sadly, it sounds a lot like members of The Mister's family.

I'm glad they found a place to stay and don't have to deal with that BS on a daily basis now.