Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Green Room, Part 4

Before we painted the walls we decided to do the ceiling. It needed to be textured before it was primed and painted. We wanted the texturing to match the texturing in the rest of the house (well, Scott wanted it to match. I didn't really care as long as it looked good), so we called a professional to get a quote. It's a small room, right? He wanted $250! THAT changed Scott's mind! So he went to Home Depot and bought the texturing brush and did it himself. It only took him about an hour, and it turns out, it looks just like the ceilings in the rest of the house. WIN.

Then the ceiling got primed and painted. At one point we noticed that a seam was showing in one spot, so Scott sanded it down and re-textured it, and it looks much better now.

So here it is, pretty much finished (we needed to get a new register cover and put the covers on the lights, but otherwise it was done):

The next bit we wanted to do was to replace the window. When we moved into this house, there were several windows that were cracked, so we asked our landlord to replace them. He did, but he is a total cheapskate and bought the cheapest, crappiest windows you could ever find. It even cracked again, but we didn't use this room for much except storage most of the time so we just didn't worry about it. But now that it's open to the rest of the house and will be used regularly, we needed to make the room habitable, and this window was letting cold air in like crazy. So we went to Home Depot (I'm sensing a theme) and bought a new one. Here's Scott tearing out the old one:

And here he is installing the nice, new one:

It even looks nicer than the old one, and it's an energy-efficient window, so now it stays plenty warm in there.

I continue to find it amazing that Scott knows how to do EVERYTHING. Flooring. Cabinets. Drywall. Ceilings. Windows. Doors. Decks. Shower doors. Siding. EVERYTHING.

He's magical!

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