Saturday, August 28, 2010


I'm no longer a publicly spiritual person, but that doesn't mean I don't believe in God anymore.

I do. I really do. I've seen too many amazing things not to.

And I honestly believe that sometimes when you're stuck on something, or feeling alone, he pushes somebody around you to do something that makes you feel better about it.

Sometimes I feel alone in the fact that I left the church and instead chose to take my own path. I know there are many many others who have, but every situation you go through always seems like it's unique to you.

But someone e-mailed me the other day, telling me the story of her journey to happiness, and it was remarkably similar to mine.

I forget sometimes, but little things like this are like God poking me and saying "See? I AM here, and I'm taking care of you, dummy!"


magnolia said...

i go back and forth on this all the time. i'm not sure i want to call myself an atheist, because to me atheism is just as much a gamble on the unknown as a particular dogma is. my usual thesis here is, maybe something's out there, maybe there isn't. i just don't claim to have any idea what it is, and to be honest, i don't think it has much impact on my life.

but sometimes, just sometimes, things happen, and i think, "maybe..."

Knight Rider said...

I can totaly hear god calling you a dummy... LOL

Kim said...

God comes more often, I find, in non-religious settings than in the religious ones. I think it's his way of showing there's more than one right path.