Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Movies I Can Always Watch

Ever After
I first watched this movie in high school over at my friend Jacee's house. I loved it! It has the whole fairy tale thing, plus some amusing moments, and I really like Drew Barrymore. I do think that the guy who plays Henry isn't attractive, though.

The Fountain
It took me like three times watching this movie before everything totally made sense. It's beautiful. There are very few movies that I would actually call a film, and this is one of them. It's beautiful from a philosophical standpoint, from an astronomical standpoint, from a spiritual standpoint...this movie is a must-see. The soundtrack is amazing as well; Clint Mansell teamed up with the band Mogwai and they came together so perfectly.

What Dreams May Come
This is another sort of movie like The Fountain. Robin Williams plays one of his better, and less obnoxious, roles. There are dark themes, like death and suicide, but everything comes together in the end in a very happy sort of way, so I love this movie.

P.S. I Love You
This movie makes me cry every time. I love how there are two timelines running simultaneously, the present being shown alongside the past. Gerard Butler is SEXY in this movie. Seriously, I dare you to watch the movie and not fall in love with him. The movie is funny and touching, and is the perfect chick flick, but better. Plus you get to see that one guy's butt. And it's a nice one.

The Phantom of the Opera
Oh look, it's Gerard Butler again. I can't help myself. The costumes! The music! The opulence of the set! I'm always wary of films that are made from plays or books or whatever, because the book is almost always better. I can honestly say I like the movie more than the book in this case. Of course, they're completely different stories, but this movie was extremely well done so I don't mind.

Another musical, adapted from a Broadway play which I've never seen, so I don't know how it compares to the original. But I love the music, and it reminds me of Shelby a bit.

Pride and Prejudice
I love all three versions: The Pink One, The Keira Knightley One, and, of course, the best, The BBC Miniseries, which is the best, but I don't get to watch it often because Scott finds it obnoxious and I don't usually have 5 hours at once to watch a movie.

The Producers
There's something very funny about a guy singing songs about sleeping with old ladies for money. Also, it's a play about Hitler that accidentally turns him into a lovable can't go wrong with that.

Moulin Rouge
I'm impressed to find that Ewan McGregor can sing and dance and play something other than a Jedi. Again, like Phantom, the costumes! And then there's the score, which is made of remakes of many different sorts of songs. I have both discs of the soundtrack and I think there's only like one song I'm not in love with.

John Cusack, HELLO. Though I don't believe in Fate, there is a bit of romance attached to it, and watching a flick about two strangers who are made for each other but don't realize it for several years goes perfectly with hot cocoa. I've always had a thing for John Cusack. It started when I first saw Better Off Dead, and then there was his role in Anastasia, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah love.

Becoming Jane
I love Anne Hathaway. I think she's talented, beautiful and graceful. I'd kill for her figure. Either way, then when you add in James McAvoy and KABOOM, I'm hooked. I liked him better in Wanted, and he was perfectly charming as Mr. Tumnus, and will make an excellent Xavier in the next X-Men movie (X-Men: First Class, in pre-production for sometime in 2011) and he was rumored to play Bilbo in The Hobbit in 2012, but then IMDB changed its mind, so I'm not sure, but that's a very long way of saying I REALLY LIKE THIS GUY, and when you add in 19th century dress and manners, HOO BOY. I mean, come on, look what Pride and Prejudice did to Colin Firth. As if he weren't attractive already.

What are your favorites?


magnolia said...

my fellow americans. buddy movie meets political thriller, and it's HILARIOUS.

the big lebowski. my favorite cult movie.

malcolm x. saw it in the theatre in 1992 and it raised my consciousness.

inglorious basterds. this one tickled me on about six million levels. really well done all the way around.

the life aquatic. really, anything with bill murray.

lost in translation. this movie came to me at just the right time and hit me where i live.

Anna W said...

Out of all those, the only one I have seen is Inglorious Basterds. I didn't like it, simply because it wasn't anything like what the trailer portrayed, so I felt like I had been lied to. Other than that, I actually did like the movie.

Kwiddens said...

Serendipity -> Mancala

Anna W said...

Um, it rings a bell, but you're going to have to refresh my memory. Ugh, I'm a terrible sister!

tdljld said...

ypour list is strikingly sim/ilar to my list... p.s. I didn't know you had a blog until today.

Anna W said...

LOL, are you by chance typing this on a mobile phone? Or in the dark?