Monday, August 9, 2010

Brown Thumb

When we moved into our house there was a little bed in the corner of the back yard where a few rose bushes were planted. They were very ugly rose bushes, so eventually we got around to taking them out. We were left with a bare corner, and we hadn't decided what to do with it, so we just left it there. It became overgrown by weeds. Then, one day I was at Home Depot and I saw a bag of wildflower seeds, and I thought "What a great idea!", so I bought them and came home and planted them in the corner and then waited.

This is what I got:

Do you see any flowers there? Yeah, me neither. Just weeds.

So Scott and I weeded the corner and decided to try something else.

We went to Home Depot and bougth several potted plants that were suited for our climate:

And then we came home and planted them. They looked pretty good!

We watered them and said nice things to them and took very good care of them, but apparently I suck at growing plants because this is what we have now:

At least one kind of plant is still alive...


Kim said...

That one plant looks damn good. So I'd say that's a victory in and of itself.

My flowers went to hell this year as well. Don't feel bad.

magnolia said...

seriously. those flowers are gorgeous. plants are just moody. i'm taking care of two plants for my friend this summer, and they're identical. i'm doing exactly the same things to both of them. one of them is half-dead; the other has grown four inches and started sprouting little white flowers.

plants just make no sense to me.

Anna W said...

Do you say nice things to one and mean things to the other? Because some people think that makes a difference...